Monday, August 28, 2006

Happy 1st Birthday Kylo!!

I cannot believe it!! A year has gone by sooooooooo quickly.
Kylo's b'day was last week and he had a great day.

He was so happy. He was smiling and clapping and dancing when we sang "Happy Birthday" to him.

He's such a lovely baby. so soft natured and funny. He's great company.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Little baba's THREE!!!

WOWWW!! cant believe it really. I am so behind that I missed posting the news!! He still is my baby and now he's three. He had a great day out last week. We went to a fun park and he enjoyed the rides and the stalls. His big bro loved it too and he went on the dogems with daddy and also with a friend he made (it's amazing how kids make friends!!) Jayz was soooooo excited and he was running around. He went on the trampolines and loved it sooooo much I was so happy just looking at his happy face.
He loved the areoplane ride, not surprising really as he loves planes, he loved going up high and looking down at us smilling and waving everytime he came round to where we were standing.
He also loved the round about swings.
We played a few games on the stalls and won prizes for each child. A scooby doo toy for jayz, a street fighter gameboy advance game for kali and a big looney toons ball for kylo.
Kylo loved watching his brothers and was so excited. He wanted to go on the rides too!! LOL.

Being there made me even more determined to shift more weight, Kali wanted me to go on the rides with him but i was too afraid incase i couldn't fit or if people would laff at me on the rides. this time next year we'll go back and I'll go on the rides with him!!

It was a fantastic day and I think I'll take them back before Kali goes back to school as they enjoyed it so much. I have taken some time off at work so I can spend some time with my "coco puff" before school starts back.