Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Church Anniversry!!

Today is the anniv of our church ministry!!

We had a fabby day, a wonderful service and then a meal in the church and then a brill evening service. So good am on a HG High!! LOL

We're all due to go to the park tomo for a bbq, should be great if rain stays away.

Thinking alot about my church life and God has really been working things out for me. I just want him to use me more and now I must make myself available to him

Singing on Praise and Worship has really opened up my vocals and has helped me to stop hiding behind others and away from the mic. Today I could really hear myself and instead of shying away I just sang out all the more. I want to increase my singing abilities and really want God to annoint me and I want to excell more.

Singing in the Choir has also helped alot and I love it. I pray that God will continue to use me to minster to others and to minister to me too!!

I have started again with the devotions for the choir whic I had dropped off for a while.

God Is Good!!!!

Friday, May 26, 2006


Poor Jayz has the terrible sniffles. started in his nose but now his poor little chest sounds all wheezy bless him.

He's Lying on Daddy right now and I can hear his breathing all foggy. Daddy is supposed to be watching tv but is snoozzing, I can see his head bobbing and he keeps waking uo and peering at the tv LOL.

Might tell him to go up to bed the poppet.

I haven't played the sims for absolutely ages, they must think I've given up on them.

Got a few things that I need to do project wise. I have a special 8x8 page, a cj and a doll cj. I also must finish my last coaster for the altered coaster swap.
oh and I have to finish of the little mini book to go in a tin I made for my mentee at church.

will do most of that tomo, no energy right now. got some erands to do in morn whilst hubby is at home then I'll get as much crafting done that I can get when the two boys let me!! Kali STILL in Florida I miss him teribly(so teribly cant even spell it right)

hmmm hubby's called it a day and gone to bed, he kindly took the two boys with him.

right gonna check emails and a few things on here then I'm off to rest.... ahhh just remembered the apprentice Martha stewart is on!! bahhhhh..... will have to watch it at 3now..... another late one I think.

Monday, May 22, 2006

New week!!

SOoooooo. This is a new week and I'll be honked if it's gonna like last week.

I'm gonna make an effort to have a better week. Dont know how but I will!

Let some people down last week with a project but am gonna get up to date with everything and make a new pact with myself to become more organised and to get all my bits together.

PND will no longer lead my life!!

Saturday, May 20, 2006


Wonderful invention, who would have thought a plastic cube with things inside them could be soooo great? Fisher Price did thats for sure!! Went made on these when Jayz was a baby and now baba plays with them too. He absolutely loves them and the good thing is they're still fun to jayz too and they can play with them together.

I know what my going back to work pressie will be for them, now just have to choose which set I'll get..... bigger toy box is needed LOL!!

Oh and did I forget to mention I think they're pretty fab too?? ;o)


Just adding a slidey thingy...... let's see if it works.

Missing You

My sweet big boy is waaaaayyyy accross the world in Florida having a grand old time. He's gone to DisneyWorld and is loving it. I am sooooo missing him it's untrue. His nan nan(paternal) has taken him and they called this morning(friday) he sounded so grown up and had lots to tell me even tho he only went on tuesday.

I had to make my voice perky so he didn't ask me if I was missing him. Baba is missing him too, he's all grizzly and whenever I mention Kali he looks around for him, bless his cotton socks.

Jayz is missing him too, keeps asking for him and saying "kalkal gone on aeyoplane" and then " I wanna go on aeyoplane too" so sweet.

Ah well he'll be home sooner than I kno it and will be full of tales to keep me entertained.

Friday, May 12, 2006


What a day we've had!! Kali had to be collected from school early today as he's poorly. The other two decided today would be the day to be clingy and baba not settling all day, so no naps or sleeps for him.... which meant no downtime for me either!!

Hubby standing over my shoulder to come on pc, despite me asking him 5mins ago if he wanted to come on... to which he said no!! And he say's I'm indecisive LOL.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


What fun we had feeding the ducks today! I dont know who had more fun me or the kiddies!! even hubster enjoyed it. The two baba's swiped lots of the bread for themselves LOL!!

I really want to do more park visits with the boys. Kali (will have to stop calling him that soon!!) is 8 now and the time has flown by.

I want them to look back at the childhood with great happiness. They're so important to me and I want to become a better mother for them and make sure they get the start in life they deserve.

Tuesday, May 9, 2006


Been away for sooooo long, been busy and nt blogging!!

Had a lovely w/e very sunny and had good friend's, daughter's christening to go to on Sunday. Hubby was God Father and you should see his grin. so excited!! Bless him. He really loves the little marshmallow as I call her. She is so sweet and such a contented baby.
It really is funny the way baby girls are soooo diferent to boys.

got a cj to send of tomoro, a paper doll one so exciting, feel like a kiddie again. Am in a few cj's at mo. will post pics of a few when i finish feeding baba.