Sunday, April 30, 2006

What a week

Been trying to catch up with all my scrap deadlines. Done most of them just got a few more.
Unfortunetly I failed to enter my April submision in time for a contest so am out of that now :o( gutted!! esp as I stayed up all night to do it. No one to blame but myself tho so onward and upward hee hee.

I decided to submit for a mag afterall, dont think it's been picked tho as emails were due to go out friday and I've not heard anything, really liked the LO too, was of lovely Buba, I used the papers from the Baby Page Kit Swap I hosted on UKS and think it's one of my fave LO's.
I used a 10x8 photo fo the first time and Loved it. Will be doing more of those methinks!

Last weeks cybercrop, or was it week before?? was great fun although I didn't get to do as much as I wanted.

I did manage to do (queen) Carolines class, I used my own papers and Prima's.

Great class, I really enjoyed decorating the paint can and will be doing more.

House is awffully quiet, Hubby went to setle ds2 and I think he's fallen asleep LOLOLOL

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tag Swaps on their way!!

Look at all these envelopes!! Just waiting to get to their owners.

They're now in the hands of RM, look out for the postie girls :o)

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Easter Cake!!

Sooo like me to forget to upload this!! Made an easter cake for my friend and the whole house was full with the smell of choc... yummm!!

I am desperately trying to give up the stuff but am failing!

Think I'll set myself a challenge, starting next week. For each day I dont eat any I'll put 50p in a jar. If I do eat some i gotta take 50p out. Then when it get's to £7 i can trade it into bank and buy some yummmi primas!!

Friday, April 21, 2006

To Submit or not to submit.....

.... have been thinking of submitting work to mags for a while, the thing is I have little confidence in my work. Even if others say it's nice I still wonder if they're just being nice.

I did set a goal that i'd be published this year and I suppose if I dont submit, I wont be published!!

hmmmmmm...... I have one deadline for tomo so if I decide to do something I'll send it off, you never know :0)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

New Member to my Prima Family......

Soooooo...... I couldn't resist the pretty bottle of prima's calling me from their shelf!!

I was in lakeland limited today and moments after i stepped in , the lights went out!! there were a few small lights on but the main ones were out. The tills were still working, so not to be dettered, i carried ds2 and his buggy up the stairs to have a look at the craft bits. I looked around and saw a few "must-haves" put them in buggy hood and turned around..... there glistening in the dark were a row of primas!! all the same as LL sell only one type and despite the fact that i had said from home that i wouldn't get that bottle as i had those types of colours , the glistening dragged me over and all to soon, the bottle was in my hand!
The cold hard glass felt so at home in my hand and when i looked at the bottle i saw that there were diff sizes in there.... well I just had to then didn't I??
In it went into the buggy hood!! By now it was getting full, so i transfered the goodies into the trolley dh had got.... not for me to fill up I may add, but rather for ds3 to have a ride in LOL!!

Well here's a pic of our newest addition to my prima fam. I'll take a more personal one at a later date :o)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Easter Musings!!

I have been swept away with my feelings towards Christ this Easter. I watched the passion of the Christ and it blew me away. Of course I knew before of the pain and suffering Jesus went through but I really was touched by the film.

I am sooooo thankful that Jesus died for me and my sins.... many sins at that!!

Thank you Lord xxx

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Post Office adventure!

Trust me to forget to write up the cert. of posting forms before I got to the p/o!! I got there 7mins before they closed and all was going well, not a queue whatsoever!! Paid for a jiffy bag to send an easter package and went to give my baby page packages out only to realise i didn't do it at home! Not only that but the certs they had only had space for 3 names, unlike the ones I have at home that carries on at the back.
Soooo went about filling in all the addresses. of course i had to take all the packages out of the bags to see the addy's LOL.
The poor loves locked the doors and the cleaner started cleaning and there I am writting down the addy's as fast as my pen could write.
Well..... i'll remember for the tag swaps when it comes to send them off, i've even got some certs here, think i'll fill them in in advance just so 'm ready.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Swaps all packed up.....

.... and ready to go!!

P/O shuts early on a thurs!! bah........
have to wait till sat now as tomoro is a bank holiday.

Hate letting down the girls, they've been sooo good.

Primas... How i love thee.... let me count the ways.

1 - your soft, paperyness...

2 - such beautiful colours..

3 - your floaty lightness...

4 - thoose bottles, al nice and pretty....

Dh has just reminded me i have some stuff to do.... bah....

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

wahey!! we have music!!

just put sean paul's music video up!!

He is deff artist of the moment for me.

ahem.... still got to do some crafting!!

played around with banner

soooo.... had a play in between the many feeds, cuddles and cross mummy moments. And came up with this!!

must get some crafting done......

Bitten by the Blog bug!!

Right!! I've been bittten at last!!