Wednesday, January 30, 2008


..... remembered to take picies of some cards!! all the oher batches have been sold/ given without piccies taken ....bah!!

you gotta ignore the glare on some of them cos i had already put the cards in plastic packets before i remembered to take pictures

Happy Birthday - tilda


valentine - tilda/ edwin


valentine - luca

valentine - bella

this one is straight IRL ... honest!!

MIL update

MIL has had to go back into hospital, her legs just aren't healing properly and kept flaring up. We thought they were gonna operate again but they're trying some treatment instead, so she'll be in there for a while now.

stupid brute's actions still being felt

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Thought i'd share a couple of chocie pics :o)

This was an order for my friends mum, she got some before Christmas and wanted more... but also a bigger order..... yayyy!!

Had a play at making the boxes but couldnt find my scallopies.... used plain circle, think i'll add a layered circle of different colour card, around the peep hole next time.

first piccie is off a couple centres and yummy melted choc.....

Where did the end of 2007 go??!!

Whoooaaaa!! only just starting to get back into the swing of things!!

soooooooo busy at the end of the year....

we had a faaby time Chrismas day, and first year of us staying at home. Cooking was fun but scary as Mummy and wayney came over for dinner.
Threw a hissyfit as the boys.. and adj hadnt even tidied up so i cleaned up frontroom while dinner cooked!!
Anyway it all worked out fine and we all had fun Chanta came over too in the evening.

well here's a slide mosaic of a few "just moments" you know, just moments you snap during the day.
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