Friday, June 30, 2006

My Bag...My Life!!

I cant believe how have my bag lost can affect me soooo much!!

I had all my bits in there and it's frustrating to have to cancel cards and all that stuff but all the private stuff, the stuff that you carry around all the time, gone.... riffled thru... makes me quite sad.

I had pics and videos on my phone of my lovely kiddies and dh and i just hate the thought of someone looking thru them.

I have called the phone insurance people and they've told me i need to get a loss number or something another from the police.

I called the bank about my chequebook and told them i had written a cheque on the thursday/friday and to cancell cheques after that date, the stupid so and so's decided to return a cheque and now the company have charged me £25!! I'm not happy and will be onto the bank tomorow!!

Right.... deff going to bed now!!

Kirk Franklin!!

Put new video on. Thought i'd put Kirk Franklin on. I love gospel music and He has a great style.

Went Choir practice earlier. Was quite good. I am really trying to excell with my singing. I have become much more confident since I started singing on Praise and Worship it seem s odd to think that I am a worship leader. I hope that I am doing a good job and that God will be pleased with what he hears.

I no longer shy away from the mic but do hold back at times, I'm working on that part heee heee.

must go to bed earlier today as I have kali's assembly tomorow morning. It's the jungle book so I'm told!!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Back To Work!!!

Cannot believe a whole year(+) has gone by so quickly!!

I went back to work on Monday and have to say it went much better than I had expected.

It is quite nice to be out of the house and getting some adult convo again!!

The store has changed sooo much and lots of staff, including the store manager and a few of the section managers have gone.

It feels alittle odd to be back and people keep asking me if i'm new!!

I am gonna treat myself to a bit of stash when my pay packet comes but not too much as I have loads of house bits to get.

It's funny how the till is just so easy to get back into, it's sad but I still remember lots of the codes of by heart hahahaha!!

Kali doesn't want me to go to work and wishes I could be home, jayz cries so much when I go "I come??" he asks and then wails when I say no, I ca hear him crying as I walk away - breaks my heart. Ky just watches me go sadly. When I get back he gets all excited and reaches out for me. He has a mega feed and falls asleep, bless him!!.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Two baba's have both got the sniffles and I've been up all day and night with them!! Poor loves have runny noses and eyes and look so sorrowful.

Hoping they get better very quickly as I go back to work on Monday..... scary going back. In one way I can't wait to be going out of the house, mingling with adults and seeing a diff environment. In another way I'm gonna miss my lil baby soooo much, not only him tho the other two too. It will be nice to have my own wages again tho. The last 6 months have been really hard on us as we have been trying to get by on hubby's wage.
Praise God for providing for us, if it weren't for him, we'd be far worse I can tell ya!!

I have "Met" some Christians on UKS and am soooo happy. We are discussing faith/praise booking which I am sooo hyped about.

Anyway, I'm a little achy so will log off and go upstairs. Craft Day so will watch tv till I get tired.

Friday, June 16, 2006


Changed music Video!! Thought i'd have a change, heee heee

Thank God!!!

Not been able to write for such a looonnngg time. I need to write about how wonderful God is.

The other day Myself and the kiddies were caught in a complete downpour. I'm talking storm like rain.
The little two were in their buggy, which in itself is a blessing because if they were in the one I had borrowed before this one came, they would have been soaked as it didn't have a rain cover.
Kali and I were absolutely soaked, he had no jacket and i had only a cardi type thing. I gave him my pashmina to try and save him but we were drentched. It was as tho we had jumped into a swimming pool fully clothed. I was near to tears as I looked over at him all soaked and not complaining, so I decided to pray.
I asked God if he could please stop the rain untill we got home. I reminded him about mustard seed faith. and that old testament people would pray for rain and it rained or for none and there wasn't any.
I then started to sing in my head.
we continued to struggle thru the rain, we came to the high road and i continued to trust in God. We went to a shelter and my skirt could literaly be wringed with all the water.
The thunder started but i knew that God had heard me.
The rain started to let up and we continued home.

I promised God that if he did stop the rain, i'd proclaim his glory so here it is!!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Sunshiney Day!!

What a lovely day today was!! Sunny and soooo hot.
Decided it was waaaay to hot for tights... a shock considering i wear them in every weather!! LOL.
The sun fellt wonderful on my legs and it was worth the slightly weird feeling of walking outside bare legged.

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

It's Here!!!.......

... My lovely, lovely CROP-A-DILE!!

It arrived this morning, 7.22 am!! Only went to bed after 4am too, so was very bleary eyed when i got to the door to a sneezy postie.
I said a sleepy "bless you" thru the door. He laffed and thanked me and gave me two packages.
Was soooooo Happy when I saw it was a package from US!!
I put it up and went back for a few more hours kip.

Opened my package after the after school run and was grinning from ear to ear. I haven't tried it out yet.

I am soooooo excited to have got it. I spent my "treat" money on it so it had better be worth it LOL.

I am deff going to try it out on tin and I am so loving the idea of using it to bind books too!!

Can you tell I'm excited? Can ya??

Oooooo did I mention it's Pink??