Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Happy Birthday ADj!!

My lovely hunnie pie's Birthday today!! Gonna take him out later for a meal.... hmmmmm where to though?
I'm always so indecisive about eating out!! It drives Adj potty!!

Got a few hours to decide..... hmmmmm


Adj told me yesturday that today's "pancake day" and that he wanted pancakes making!!

Today he brought some supplies bless him!! Went to make them and saw that the silly noonoo had BURNT MY FRYING PAN!!! I dont mean just a small section... the thing had chacoal in it!! BAH!!!!! When I first got the thing I told him not to use it because the whole reason I had to buy a new one was because he trashed the old one, he had a right tantrum and told me nothing of the sort had happened nor would happen... hmmmmmmmmm

He tried to clean it but of course he's burnt some of the "non stick" stuff so when I went to cook the pancakes, it was a BIG MESSSSSSSS!!!!

I was sooo vex.... nearly told him that i wouldn't be making any pancakes but had a break, fed kylo and put him down for a nap, then went back in the kitchen to have a think.....

Remembered my Pancake Pan!! The kind that has a little pan and a flat pan hinged together so that you just turn it over to cook the other side!! result!!

Adj had lemon and sugar, Kali maple syrup, jayz had toffee sauce and I had toffee sauce an a bit of naughty squirty cream!! slurp!!

(not bad huh?!)

Right diet starts back next week!!

Monday, February 19, 2007

He's 9!!!

WHHHHAAAAAA!!! I can't believe my little boy is 9!! So he's not really little anymore but he's still MY little boy.

He is such a lovely boy, alright he has his moments but he really is fab.

I have gotten to see that I really don't know him all that well. He is a person in his own right and I really want to get to know him better.

He is such a sensitive soul and I guess he gets misunderstood alot.

I am soooo proud of him and will try and show him more. He has been through so much with me and also helps alot with the little ones, I MUST take some time for it to be just him and me more often.

I let him choose his pressies and he chose a car set (surprise surprise!! LOL) and a walkie talkie set.

His Nan (daddy's mum) came round on sat. and gave him his pressie.. an ipod shuffle!! a cute mini one. I'll help him put some music on it soon.

We went to outback for his birthday dinner and the kiddies were so well behaved. He had his fave meal - junior red pasta!! I ordered Chicken tenders and a jacke potato and gave him some chicken to put with his pasta, he told me i "Just had to taste the red sauce with the chicken" I did and it was delish, heeee.

Will post a piccie soon.


ok here's the piccies as promised :)

Here's the Birthday Boy!!

Our server and her collegues sang to him and gave him a "birthday dog"

Everyone having fun!!!

This photo's just too cute LOL

Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Valentine!!

I decided to treat Adj like my valentines prince!

I gave him the Minibook I made, I snuck it into his pocket in the night with a caramel shortcake.

I got him a Photocard for when he came home, I put a bit of heidi swapp tape down the edge to make it look prettiful!!

I ordered in a pizza meal and we ate it with the boys (stupid shop got the order wrong... and sassed me when I called too!!)

I even had him a little surprise for later... HEEE!!!

Monday, February 12, 2007


well from work that is!!

Silly me tottaly forgot and waltzed into work this evening!!

Was in no mood to go in and was sooo tempted to pull a sickie due to sniffles.... dropped kiddies off, battled through rain and everything!!

night manager looked straight at me and said "you''re on holiday! what you doing here?!

collegues had a right laff!! i joined in tho.

Ah well!!

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Snow Day!!

No school for kali today as his school has isued a "snow day"

He looked out the window and lovd the snow. Jayz woke up and saw the snow and was so excited. " mummy can i go out with the snow, i can wear my hat and my scarf" bless him!!

Adg, borrowed our good friends car for the day as we need to take jayz to the dentist (bleurgh!!) he went to remove the snow, defrost the ice on windscreen etc and I came down to see the snow. I asked him to get me some, he looked at me like i was so weird and laffed at me, saying i'm such a kid LOLOLOL.

I jut had to go out and have a little walk, and took some photo's too. Kali came down wrapped in his blanket to see the snow.

Here's a pic of Adg in the snow:

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Cyber croperific!!

Come and join us at Scrapstars for the cyber crop!!
Some fabby classes up!!

I finally managed to upload my Love Minibook class, what a nightmare uploading my pics to my pc, the silly phone playing up so had to bluetooth to diff phone, upload etc!!

Hubby keeps looking at the pics and the book and i keep trying to hide it as i'm giving it to him for valentines day.

Domino Love!!

I've just started to play with Alchol inks properly. I got a pack of inks and some silver and gold mixatives ages ago, had a little play at the time but i made an ATC and Dominno for a design team entry and I just love, Love, LOVE alchol inks!! Yea, I know i'm late..... but they're fab!!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Nothing more funnier than folk!!

So tuesday at work.... I was thinking that people are sooooo funny, well customers in particular. You can get some really lovely ones, even "regulars" who remember you and greet you so nicely and then you get some right horrors!! Those that seem to come in just to wind you up!!

And all on the same shift!!!

On Tuesday for example, A customer came to my till and asked me if I knew where the foil was, I got off my till and went to the section, there wasn't any so I told her i'd call downstairs to see. I went to the phone, watching incase someone came to my till to pay for their stuff. There was no foil so I went to inform the customer - did she thank me for checking? did she thank me for leaving my till at all??? NO!!! she said "This is the last time I come in here, thats the only thing i came in here for"!!
A few mins later she comes over to my til with a trolley load of goods - bah!!!

Later on I served a lady and when I gave her change she said "And thank you for your lovely smile" really made my shift!!