Thursday, November 23, 2006

Prompt 8

Prompt 8: Weds 22nd NovemberToday, quite simply is a day to dream What would your ideal Christmas be … would it be spent alone (except for perhaps the cat!) in a log cabin with a cup of hot chocolate & a roaring fire? Would it be filled with noise & laughter & friends & parties?Go on ... let your imagination flow ...

I'd love to be with my hubby, kiddies and my mum and her hubby.... somewhere hot like the west indies/carribean.
We'd have a yummmie spread.... delish drinks and all on the beach!!!

Prompt 5

Prompt 5: Sun 19th NovDreamsLast week we took as our theme "Preparation", this week, we're going to use "anticipation" as a theme. Christmas is about the birth of a baby & God wants us to be excited! How did you feel about a birth in the family? What were you most excited about? What did you anticipate? How did you feel? How do you think Mary felt as she anticipated the birth of Jesus?Father God, The birth of a baby is a time for rejoicing, for excitement and for celebration. Fill our hearts with joy as we anticipate once again the arrival of Your son. Help us to remember that You came to this world in the most vulnerable way - not as a king but as a tiny, innocent baby. Amen

When I had my last baby I was soooo aprehensive and anxious as I knew it would be very painful. I wanted to make sure I was prepared and that I had all my stuff ready for myself and baby.

I can just imagine how Mary must have been feeling. She was far from home... traveling.... no room anywhere and the contractions comming quick and fast.
Ontop of all that, she knew that she was carrying the saviour !! WOW!!!

Prompt 4

Prompt 4: Sat 18th NovPreparationThis week, we've been looking at Advent & how it is a period of waiting, of preparation, of anticipation. When do you start preparing for Christmas? Is it something you think about all year or only start in December? When do the children start to get excited? What sort of things do you get excited about? Lord, In this time of preparation & excitement, help us to keep our eyes focussed on You, and help us to show as much enthusiasm for the true meaning of Christmas as we do for the commercial trappings. Amen

I think about Christmas from around August times as I like to budget for bitz and also to start to figure out where we'll spend Christmas day.

At work Christmas preperations start ever so early!!

I cant wait to start practicing Christmas carrols in Choir practice.

Kali is getting more and more excited as the time gets closer. Jayz and Kylo are still too young to really know too much.

I am gonna do some cards with Kali, he chose some paper and peeloffs for his cards at a store he went to with me. it will be fun.

I get excited about family time, watching my fam open their presents and mine too!!

prompt 3

Prompt 3: Fri 17th NovPreparation
Hymn: On Jordan's Bank
[COLOR="Purple"]Still thinking of John the Baptist preparing the way for Christmas, how do YOU feel when the Christmas season starts? Does it fill you with dread (crowds, rush, cost ...) or with joy (family, presents, happiness) - is it a mixture of the two? (Focus today on the FEELINGS not the activities you do)[/COLOR]
Father, as we approach Christmas, grant us peace from the busy-iness of the world, heal the sorrows in our hearts & grant us a renewed joy at the hope that comes each year as we remember the greatest gift of all. Amen

I feel a great Joy as we get closer to Christmas!!
I have always had a hectic Christmas - as a child we would visit families and friends and it was always a time of family.

Now that I have my own family, it's fantastic to see the way the kiddies love the season.
I am going to try to keep my mind on the reason for the season and not get too stressed. Working in a store, you do get bogged down with Christmas stresses, Orders...... turkeys...... made tills.... irate customers....... But I'll just be happy in the knowledge that myt kiddies will be getting some nice things from me with my wages!!

Thursday, November 16, 2006


The Lovely Woozle from UKS is posting some Advent prompts for us to use. Cant wait to get started!!

Prompt 1: Weds 15th NovemberPreparationThe word 'advent' is Latin for 'a coming or arrival'. Over the coming weeks, we will take time out of our busy lives to think what Christmas is really about and what the birth of a baby over 2000 years ago means to us today. Advent is a season of preparation, just like Lent, but it is a different kind of preparation. Lent is very adult and serious, because it leads to a death; In Advent, we thank God for Christ's first coming, prepare for his final coming at the end of time, and celebrate Christ's presence among us today. As Christmas is centered in the new hope brought by a baby, it's a very child-oriented holiday. Because Advent leads us up to that baby, so is Advent.Today, take some time to think how you are going to mark this Advent season and to prepare yourself, both in spirit and by gathering your supplies to start your Advent journey.Father, in the wilderness of the Jordan you sent a messenger to prepare people's hearts for the coming of your Son. As we approach this season again, prepare our hearts and minds to receive your message anew, that we may come to a deeper understanding of this season and of You. Amen.

This prompt is an excellent begining to what I know is gonna be a fantastic time of thought, reflection and a closer understanding to Advent.

The Birth of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!!

Tuesday, November 7, 2006


Ok so it's the firework season!! I really am not a huge fan of them!! I was really scared as a child, I like the colours and it's noce to watch them from behind glass but the noise and being to close is not for me.

Jayz abs loves the whizz, bang, colour as does kylo!!


Church was fantastic!! We had a "fireworks" evening and the Holy Spirit really showed up with great fire.
The Choir led praise and worship and we also ministerd two songs. It's been quite a while since we have sung as a choir at church and it was great!!

I really am trying much harder with my singing and am pushing myself more and more.

Songs of the Moment:

1-2 victory check (Tye Tribett and G.A.)
who else but God ( " " " " )
Days of Ellijah (Donnie McClurkin)