Sunday, October 5, 2008

Happy World Card Making Day!!

Hope you had/are having a lovely day!! Any cards made? I know some people are going to crops and I am soooo jealous LOLOL had to work today and don't think boss would have been too happy for me to be card making on the job haaaa.

Here's a simple Card using a lovey Hanglar stamp, aint she cute??!!

Will see if I get to do a few more cards before bed.
A little catch up:

MIL had the brutes sentencing last month, he got 14 years and good riddance!! MIL is healing slowly, can't wait to see her again.

Kali made the Football t4eam at school1 Hoooozzzaaaahhhh!! I am mega chuffed for him, He tried out last year and was so disapointed and sad not to make it but he really has practiced and tried very hard and this year he made it! I really did think he'd do it and was so pleased when he came home and told me!! erm.... does that make me a soccer mum now?? LOLOLOL

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

humph!! bad blogger!!

Bah!! cant keep up ... every time i say i must update... something else comes up and when i have a chance, I cant remember what I was meant to update with.

I seem to remember promising someone for some up to date piccies of the boys but cant remember who!! will do that soon. In the mean time here's some of the stuff I've been getting up to

Baking for the fam.

Baking and preparing treats for the carnival stall last month.

Going to Kylo's playdates:

finding yummie stash!!

Oh and entertaining our fabby friends last week(thanks for coming over J & M)!! Was abs fab.... had a long day cleaning and tidying... cooking and baking... was fun!
We all had a great night eating, talking and playing games. The kids (ours and theirs) had fun too.
oh and some crafting too!! Keep forgetting to take piccies of the finished stuff before I give them away!! Here's a few i remembered;

card and gift bag for friends who just had a baby:
(used lovely baby bunny Tilda stamp, yummy Stamping Up)

Birthday card for Grandma well she's Adj's by birth but i've nabbed her!!
(used a lovely tilda stamp and my new dovercraft pinky papers and accessories)

Look... she put it up with her other cards... i was grinning from ear to ear

Thank you cards for a commision
(used laura ashley stamps)

Monday, June 30, 2008

Daring Bakers!!

Found the brill Daring Bakers while flikr and blog hopping in may and just had to join!

June's Challenge, hosted by Kelly and Ben was a Danish Braid, what a challenge!! First time i made pastry and reading the instructions had me nervous!!
It was soooo much fun tho and i will deff make it again. Adj loved it and was so impressed... gotta admit I was impressed too.

made the yummy apple filling and what a treat!

look at the scrumminess of pastry and caramelised apple!!

Hmmmm.... how many WW points in a slice???

*edit* Forgot to add,

I used 1/2 the recipie and made one plait, changed small bit of dough recipie (orange juice as am allergic to citrus fruits esp oranges, used a little syrup and water for the liquid, no cardomon so used some permento instead - my spice of the month:) )used the apple filling but added extra spices.!*edit*
The pastry making has really given me the confidence to try new things which is one of the reasons I joined DB.... watch this space.

Thanks for the challenge hunnies!

Monday, June 23, 2008


Trial was last week, what a sureal week it was too. Just getting back into the loop of things. Plus internet and phone was up the creek!!

Anyway.... It was a hard week for all. Listening to all the evidence... hearing all the details about that night Seeing the brute in the dock and hearing his lies and rubbish....

The Jury found him GUILTY of GBH with intent!! Whooohoooo!!!

sentencing will be in 4-6weeks and we will go to see how long the Judge decides.

Journalist who wrote article before the trial is in contempt of court as there was an order made and will have to face judge.... goes to show you cant just do what you want without regard for anyone else!!

So we are happy with the verdict. We can continue to get on with the healing and practical stuff without the worry/stress of trial looming.

I feel so odd tho, like it's over but it's not.....

I really had to rely on God last week and prayed so much.... He truly is able.
The defence lawyer tried to get the 3 counts dropped!! can you believe it???

Thanks again to all you who have supported me and our family (should that be my family and I??) throughout this terrible ordeal. I know you will continue to do so xxx

Friday, June 6, 2008

Magnolia ATC Swap!

Bah!! cant keep up LOL Here's the Magnolia ATC's I did for the swap. I'll post the ones I got tomoz. Thanks Kath and all swappers in my group

Friday, May 30, 2008

Oh My!

Been gone soooo long from blogging land.... busy busy busy!! Have been tidying and throwing away SOOO much junk.

Anyway... joined an Atc swap the them was yummie magnolia stamps.

Got to send of tomoz so will be a day past deadline (sorry kath!! and my group!)
here's a sneaky peak:

Friday, April 25, 2008

25th Challenges

Yep tis I!! come out of the noblogging or crafting fog! ok so shimelle has started a new project.
Every 25th you take photos and scrap your day. I'm already behind but I'm gonna semi cheat and take photo's all day tomoz instead.....

that reminds me it's also rudolph day - a Christmas card challenge to make cards every 25th of the month so come Christmas you'll have lots of cards ready made......

Right off the PC for me and grab some crafting time.... Kali has something on over at club penguin so i really better get off the pc... miss my Laptop.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


still catching up.... look at my poor Kylo! I told him over and over to stop running about - what is it about boys not being able to keep still?? anyway, he didn't listen - surprise surprise - and this was the outcome... poor babes... ah well it's not hurting now and he took the plaster of days ago.

**Btw, that's milkshake round his mouth..... not dirt LOL

Catch up!!

The days are whizzing by!!
here's a quick catch up:

My fabby swap from Dingle for the M/net Crafters Swap:

gorgeously girly swap from bex for the m/net Easter Swap!!

How scrummie are they??!!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Cyber Crop!!

Lots to catch up with but first let me tell you that Faith Scrappers are having a Cyber Crop this weekend!!
The theme is Because He lives!!

come along and prolong your Easter celebrations!!

Here's two sneak peaks of the classes I put together!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More International visitors!!

Just noticed that I have some visitors from new places!! Hi to you visitors from Spain , Morocco, Peru and the Czech republic!! great to have you here. A big hi to all my visitors and love to the "regulars"

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Swap!!

My lovely swappee Dingle is still waiting for her pressie!! I am such a rubishy swapper, everything went wrong and so she's still waiting, PO was shut on saturday so i couldnt even get it off to her for tuesday!! bah!!! I hate letting people down....and am worried that the choccy may not be nice now and it's all packed up!!

well anyway here's a sneaky peaky for you hun!!

ps, I wont open mine till you get yours, tis only fair xxx


got a new "buzz" and it's felties... well i dont know what they're really called but they're little thingies made out of felt. I was reading a craft mag and saw a felt chick just begging to be made, i first thought i couldn't do it cos i don't have a sewing machin
e but the mag raved about folksy hand stitching so i gave it a go and now i'm hooked!!

I made a few more and kylo saw them and asked for a car. Had to give it a try didn't I?! Not too bad hey?!