Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Thank God for Codeine!!

Been in so much pain last few days been using just paracetamol which really didn't touch the pain. Wonderful midwife came today and told me to ge on to my gp and get stronger meds being asthmatic there's not much I can take she told me i could take codeine.
Didnt get to call gp but called Morrisons pharmacy and they had some co-codymol!! took some at about 9pm and wow!! I feel so much better, not totaly painfree but soooo much better.
Only thing is while taking these i cant breastfeed so bubble gets a bottle and mummy has less pain.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


yesturday was our anniversary!!

6 years married!! seems like just the other day i was making all the preperations LOL.

we've been together for 11 years and it's so funny how we've grown together.

happy anniv my lovely and silly hubby xxx

Friday, October 26, 2007

bibble, bobble..... BUBBLE!!!!!!

Whooo hoooo!! bubble's here and ....................

He's a BOY!!!!!

LOLOLOL another boy!! no pink shopping for me, and no more oestrogeon in the house..... tetesterone all the way.

Wha a dash to the hospital it was too!!

I went to the toilet at something to 2pm and had these odd pains.... then they became worse. I quickl had a wash and combed my hair... went to my bedroom to get my hair gel but another contraction made me jump onto the bed!! Adj said "That's it... we need to go to the hospital" i went downstairs to get dressed but he pains were coming so close together I had to keep stopping, and jumping backwards onto the computer chair!

finaly got ready and went to the car, put a mat under me just in case and we set off.

On the way a group of people decided to cross the road, in the middle of the street... no crossings and stupid cow got cross because adj kep driving.. poor love had me groaning in his ear and knew baby was on way, so anyway this gallah then throws something on our windscreen..... sooooo no what you need when you're in labour, kiddies in he back asking you if you're sick.....

Adj had called my mum to meet us at the hospital as I knew we didn't have time to get her on the way.

When we arrived at he hosp i felt like it was time to push so I told the receptionist, there was a midwife there and she asked if it was my first baby, when i told her it was my 4th, you ahould have seen her face!! she quickly broke of her convo and told me to come with her, we went through to the labour ward and she asked if a room was available, she was told "NO" "It's a fourth baby" she said... "room 5!!!" came the reply LOLOLOL,

So any way I got into the room and hollered, so the love gave me some gas and air...... for the first time ever, I used it effectively..... now i know they tell you to breathe it in when you feel the contraction coming and then stop when it's over, but I just kept breathing in and out and when i felt odd... i jus kept on..... this helped the pain much more than i ever has.
I had prayed for the last few weeks for a managable and easy labour, I got myself in such a state over it and had disscussion about epidural with anethesist and just didnt know what to do. I didnt really want to have an epidural but i sooo didnt want the pain.
I have to say although I didnt stick to my side of the bargain, God stuck to his and the labour was the best ever!! 15mins after I arrived at the hosp Bubble was born!!!

The only scary bit was the after bit...... I lost 600ml of blood and it wasnt stopping so injection....... drip....... massaging...... stirups.... lights ..... poking........ pulling...... placing stuff places and threats of having to go to theatre... pryayers...... things started to get better.
Adj had to run back home while the drip was running through as i had left a whole load of stuff including my nightshirts, dressing gown, toothbrush and paste, hair stuff and loads more... oh and nappies, we were in such a rush to leave the house.

Felt dizzy in the shower and my mum came in room with me... slightly embarassing but very reasuring having her there..... never to old to have a bit of mothering!!

soooooooooo........ Back home with lovely cute baby!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

International Visitors!!

WOWWW!! I put a new dodah on the blog that records visitors by their countries (saw it on the lovely Anso's scrummy blog) and I just saw that I have had visits from Australia, Finland and Sweeden!!

How fab is that??

A big Hi!!! to you xxx

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

LLlllllloooooooooong weekend!!

What a lonnnggggg weekend I've had.

Sunday was an appreciation day for our Pastor and Elder at church.

Tuesday we went to the funeral of a good friend's mum. She's taking it really hard. The funeral was 260 miles there and back so we were very tired!!

Today we drove up to see MIL i was a really nice visit, she's getting on so well.
The only thing that was bad was when she was in pain, I need to by her a timer so that she can remember when it's time to take her pain meds.
I finally gave her a kiss!! I've been so scared that i may hurt her and have been just sort of saying bye and scarpering but today she called me as I was gonna go and said bye again so I went in and gave her a kiss on her cheek and she rubbed/patted bubble!! I was grining from ear to ear LOLOL, I've wanted to do that since the very night all this started.... I know it sounds all girly and pink but I dont care heeeeeee and anyway.... whats wrong with being girly and pink?? better than how i've been feeling last couple of days.... all prickly and cranky.

Got to play with my Tilda's - well the two that I rescued from the pick up truck.... still can't find bunny tilda.
I am so impressed with the quality of the rubber!! I take back my misgivings, the image is so clear and i love the whatever you call it stuff that sticks the stamp to the acrylic block.... i thought it would be sticky and when i peeled a little back it was slick but got advice that it's exactly what it was meant to be like - silly me LOLOL - weeeeeellllll, I love it and think i'll try and track some down to put on my bella's.... think that will make them more "cushie"
soooo anyway, I stamped and coloured two in to try out my pencils and the glaze pen and water technique i saw on c&c.
I love the water and glaze pens.... just fab.. pencils were yummy too and I can see a new addiction comming on LOLOL
Will make two cards to mount them on and post piccies.

Friday, October 12, 2007

MIL Update.

MIL is sill going from strength to strength. This stinky cold means I havent been able to visit here tho booooooo!!!

She's going to the house at the w/e o show adj what she wants to keep and what she wants throwing out, then adj ad his friend can pack a few things up.
I'm wondering what it will be like for her going to the house :o(
dont think I could do it myself... I havent been here since i happened, been outside in car but no gone in and i wasnt even me that it happened to.

Missing Tilda!!

Wahhhhhh!! my bunny suit tilda is lost....... last seen?? in the back of the kiddies pick up truck....
all three tildas were tilda jacked by kylo and silly mummy thought... hmmm I'll go get them later, now I only see two of them and the bunny suit one is lost!!! wahhhhhhh!!

Bubble is getting so heavy, all he movements are soooo hard. I'm still worrying about the slightly large head..... you know where that's gotta escape from (ahem)

Got appt on Mon with consultant and then with anesathist(bad sp) I think I have another water infection so will let doc know then.

Got sooooo many things I want to do craft wise but no time and i MUST carry on the house blitz or Bubble will be lost amongst the junk... er i mean prize possesions ;o)

Monday, October 1, 2007

Tilda's Here!!

My magnollia stamps have finally arrived!! Nearly a whole month after I ordered them!!

I was gonna do a paypal reverse thingy as I thought they weren't comming.

Sooooo happy to have them as i love the rabbit suit tilda, also got the petticoat one and the tilda with cake.
I cant believe how hooked I am on these tilda's!! I have a few on pre-order with uk suppliers and cant wait till they come... magnollia take ages with orders tho so may be a while yet.

only thing about these are that they're not cut very neatly... ah well will have a quick go over with my small scissors.

The stamps arent as high a quality as i thought, but I have seen some fab creations with them so i'm sure they're fine. Cant wait to have a play!!

Fabby Visit

We all went to see MIL yesturday.
Was the first time the kids have seen her and we were a little anxious as to how they'd react but each one reacted in exactly the way we thought.
They were just fab and Kali had a lovely cuddle with MIL. He was so happy I melted and just felt like blubbering.
Jayz just looked for a while and took everything in - he and kylo had just woken up so they were a little miserable and spaced anyway. MIL asked him if it was still her and he said yes.... how sweet is that?
Kylo was just the same as usual and stared and smilled from afar. They both soon warmed up and were hoping and jumping and skipping around the place as usual.

I totally didnt say everything I wanted to say to MIL, I just couldnt form the words. I just wanted to hug her but didnt, i just dont want to hurt her.

She was walking around and everything, she is just soooooo amazingly fab!! her hands looked so good, the colour in her fingers are comming along nicely and she can move them much more.

She was in pain in the evening which was horrible, I think she was a little upset when we were going too.

I had a little blubber when i went to bed. I thought I'd come to terms with all this but I havent really. I am just so PO'd that this has happened, I am so sad and when i close my eyes when she's talking, I see her like before.....

I soooo want bubble to be a girl for her, she'd love a granddaughter.

Show Time!!

Ally Pally was fab on Saturday, lots of yummies and lovely crafters all around.

Didnt get a chance to do my normal walk for ages round and round and browsing fave stalls at least three times LOLOL, bubble is sooooo big now and seems to get a nark on if i'm walking about.
Decided that I'd go round once and go to the stalls i really wanted to get something from, made lists and had to stick to it, was a shame in a way cos i just know there was some great stalls/stores there but just couldnt do it. Didnt get a chance to go into CTM as it was jampacked and i couldnt risk getting jabbed or pushed.

I did manage to get the sizzix dies i was after except for the bigz frame, from craft bug.
The bejewler from banana frog - and a couple of the chrystal packs.
Finally got the BIA!! I wanted it for months but with all the stuff needed for bubble, i had to leave it, Scrap Revolution had it for a fantaby price - nearly £20 cheaper than another stall had it for!! so snagged one and a wire pack.
Sugar and Spice had some sweet acrylic albums, the exact paper i had dreamed of for some invites and quickie glue ooo and Oct creating keepsakes too.

got some knick knacks from a couple other stalls and then my time was up. Sat down in the lobby and had a slurp of Pepsi Max - shhhhhh dont let diet coke know i'm a traitor!!
Adj came to get me, the sweetie, he didnt want me to go cos he knows how achy I get and with my BP being high and all. But I promised i'd only do a small walk round. He was off out for a stag day and so i was on a time restriction anyway which helped sway him.

I was sooooooo tired after, I treated bubble to some mash potato and mackrel (sounds yuck but was scrummy) and had a snooze!!

High light was seeing Juju aka Julie, she gave me a lovely big hug and it was just so nice to see her irl again. Saw karren too which was nice.

My purchases are still im my case... gonna have a play later.