Saturday, July 22, 2006


Went to an expo today and spent obcene amount of money, in a small amount of time and considering it wasn't that big a show... am thorougly ashamed with myself... pleased with me bitz tho LOL!!

Met Sarah in person, she's such a sweetie, her family are so great!! made an atc on her stand and had a good natter, and got some yummy paper, atc kit and doodlebug kits too!!

cleared some bitz from the lovely Orlando he had some fab alpha stamps at half price so i got two packs.... well it would be rude not too haaaaaa!! got a few other stuff and also some brads i wanted!!

Visited a stall where the holders came all the way from US, great stuff and will be visiting their site.

I also came across a fab company i met at ally pally, I am designing some cards for them and i lost their details so am well pleased they were there. Picked up some cute girly stamps.

I got a few more bitz from the various stalls and a pack of pay-per-box card. The lovely chap didn't take card so he offered to let me send a cheque to him, what a sweetie.

My feet are aching but my back pack is full!!

Stupid Bank!!

Why did I think this time would be any different. I've been sitting here wondering why the money hasn't gone in! Got a letter this morning saying i didn't send some signed something or another. And that i needed to call.
I called to find out they were talking about as I had signed the form, guy tells me it's some credit thingy, I ask him what page as they sent me back my agreement, he then put me on hold, came back and still didn't know. I told him nothing else was sent out... on hold again, he then comes back... "sorry it wasn't sent out before, nor was it sent out this time!!"

bahhhhh!! he printed another one off so it should be here probably monday!!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Brian Mcknight!!

Soooooo..... been singing the delectable Brian Mcknight's Back at One tune all week so thought I'd put it up here .......

..... dont mind me if i swoon

Forgot to say.....

..... In all the excitement of my missing bag and going back to work, i completely forgot to say I'm on a Design Team!!

or did I?? Who know's with me LOL.

I am well chuffed and Sarah is such a poppet!!

My first task was to design some cards for her for the Islington show!! The kit she sent was fabby!! It really challenged me as there were bits in there I haven't or wouldn't have thought of usually using. I'll be going to the show and how odd woll it be to see the cards up??!! I hope her customers like them, I want to make Sarah proud as she has only recently started out and she has some great stuff on her site.

I was sooooo scared and anxious that I wouldn't be up to scratch but I talked with some great forum pals over at scrapitude and they put me at ease.

You can check out her kewl stuff here

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

soon to be out of my overdraft!!!

soooo.... Finaly getting out of my overdraft, Had a review of my account after an embarrasing phone call where I bawled down the phone to a customer care manager after a rude so and so wound me up and then hung up on me!!

I felt like such a goon for crying on the phone, the poor bloke said he'd phone back later lololol. He called me back the next day and gave me some brill advice. He also told me i should try to get a consilidation(sp) loan, I told him i'd been turned down before but he said that was prob for a personal loan and that I should make sure they knew what type I wanted.

Lovely lady called me today(monday) and I was declined!! She said she'd call me back after she had a look at some figures. She came back with good news!! I could have it and also get some money to spend - I had been afraid that if they only lent me a small amount, I wouldn't be able to have access to the money that had just gone in.
She said the only way I'd have it waas if I agreed for my overdraft to be taken away, at first I didn't want that as I have used it as a crutch for so long, butr thinking about it I think it's for the best, this way i can make sure i dont get in this mess again.
I can always apply for one at a later date.

Paper work will come in next couple of days, sooooo.... pray it all goes through I feel much better already. I need to get ontop of my finaces.

Had good day at work although some customers really wound me up!!

Got to work early as I wanted to have a meal and rest but we were so short staffed, work mate begged me to start early!!

Well meant to be in bed already.... got alot on tomo.