Friday, April 25, 2008

25th Challenges

Yep tis I!! come out of the noblogging or crafting fog! ok so shimelle has started a new project.
Every 25th you take photos and scrap your day. I'm already behind but I'm gonna semi cheat and take photo's all day tomoz instead.....

that reminds me it's also rudolph day - a Christmas card challenge to make cards every 25th of the month so come Christmas you'll have lots of cards ready made......

Right off the PC for me and grab some crafting time.... Kali has something on over at club penguin so i really better get off the pc... miss my Laptop.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


still catching up.... look at my poor Kylo! I told him over and over to stop running about - what is it about boys not being able to keep still?? anyway, he didn't listen - surprise surprise - and this was the outcome... poor babes... ah well it's not hurting now and he took the plaster of days ago.

**Btw, that's milkshake round his mouth..... not dirt LOL

Catch up!!

The days are whizzing by!!
here's a quick catch up:

My fabby swap from Dingle for the M/net Crafters Swap:

gorgeously girly swap from bex for the m/net Easter Swap!!

How scrummie are they??!!