Friday, December 29, 2006

colleens blinkie

colleen made me this fabbyy blinkie!! isnt it lush???

Sunday, December 17, 2006

lololol, look at my cute piggy!!

adopt your own virtual pet!

I want Eggnog!!!

Ok so my newest obsession is Eggnog!! I decided to try an eggnog latte at starbucks for a change to my usual gingerbread latte!!
Gingerbread lattes are the most yummmist yummy! So much so that I had to buy a bottle of gingerbread syrup to take home.
Now I am in no way shunning the lovely gingery latte... but.... I am in love with it's yellowey creamy bud eggnog latte!! I love the sweet (almost sickly) taste, all rich and creamy and nutmeggy!! ofcourse a little whipped cream just has to be added, I just close my eyes and dont think of the calories!!
I only have one a week pr even less as I pop in to the starbucks near work on my way in and only if i'm more than 15 mins early.
Starbucks cant sell me a carton as it's not for resale/retail , the friendly baristas let me see the carton to read (I had a flash of me running out the store shouting "it's mine...all mine")
to see if there was an address on it but it's made esp for starbucks coffee comp and it comes from US, the addy had a the amsterdam starbucks on it.

I have searched for a carton or tin of the creamy stuff and being an American traditional drink, I cant find it! The only two places that I found online was ebay and an american product online store.... but it was £6.25 a can!!! PLUS p&p!! nearly £10!! I cant bring myself to pay £10......

oooooooo!!! I could scream!! and to think it's origins are here in europe - sob!!

Right I'm gonna have to go to every forum I'm part off.... even the ones I just lurk in and see if anyone knows where to get some.

Oh and I know I could make it but I want a carton so I can have it there when I want and keep and well.... laziness i guess!!

pressie update!!

have been naughty and forgot to update!!

Here's my pressies from the advent swap:

Day 12:
yummie ribbons!! baby blue and a scrummie blue with white poka dots.

Day 13
I got some beautiful glittery rubons..... all Christmassey and snowmen!!

I also got a lovely, really pretty card in the post with a package containing the most yummy blossoms, white and blue ones!!! really made my day.

Day 14
mmmmmmmm!!! I got a bar of sugar free choc!! looks abs delish cant wait to have a taste!! ta SS, you're a gem xxx

*eta*acually!! couldnt resist, took it out of the draw to look at again and had to have a bit!! it is the most creamy, delish, sugar free choc i've tasted!! OMGosh!! in chocparadise!!! yummmmmm

*etaa* ahem!! went to look at it to see the type as it tastes like belgian choc - it is - and another bit broke off and jumped into my mouth!!!

Day 15
I got some cardstock in a lovely creamy colour.

Day 16
Really prettiful patterned cardstock in sugar ontop and sprinkles, fab!

Day 17
a scrummmmie die cut sheet, I think they match the paper/card I got on day 16.... oooo and the card from 15th!! I feel a mini book coming on!!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

What a day!

What a day yesturday!!
Hubby went to work for 6am (tues) and didnt get back to collect me till 4.30am (wed)!!!
He had to stay to finish refit at work, then the alarm wasn't working or something and he had to stay for engineer, well I say had to but I guess he had a choice about it all so I was narked to say the least....... I'm sure he could have called the person on call to come and wait for the engineer but hey.... new day and all that.

Work was hectic yesturday, peeps coming in to make their Christmas orders, I was manning the desk It was quite funny at times.
A guy was putting his order through and I was telling him a few items are now unavailable..... May I just add her that he was FINE!!!!! LOLOLOL....anyway...... We were going through it and another customer came over and looked thru the book. She was giving off some funny atitude but I just ignored her and carried on.
I told Mr Fine that another item was available but that this wasn't and the Customer waiting said "SO can I make an order then?" I looked at her, Mr fine looked at me and then at her.
I told her "You can make an order but I'm just doing this order now"
"Oh!" she said.
Mr Fine said "Oh.... how odd. What does she think we're doing? standing here doing nothing.... " and some other stuff that I cant remember cos I was laughing too much. I really tried to be a unbiased but it was too funny......
To be fair to the Lady, when Mr Fine had gone, SHe told me that she thought he worked there as she had seen him before there, she said "He's such a handsome man that I remembered, I thought he was your boss as he was standing behind the desk with you."
LOLOL, see he was FFFIiiinnnneee!! LOLOL I said could you imagine if he was my boss? and we had a laff, I told her that she must have thought we were so rude if she thought we were working and chatting and ignoring her, She was quite a nice lady actually.

Off to work later, wonder if I'll be at the desk again.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Pressies galore!!

Forgot to update here with my lovely pressies:

Day 6:
I got a pack of yummmmie buttons!!

Day 7:
I got a stix2 tape glue pen.

Day 8:
got a die cut tag sheet in a boy theme!!

Day 9:
I got a pack of really cute i kandee charms. LOve them!!

Day 10:
wow!! I just oppened my pressie and It's a really cool pink clutch bag, PINK and a BAG!! I am love, love loving it!! it's in a fab shape too am half tempted to use it for eve service later.... gonna see if I can fit all my I mean important stuff at least I wont need nappies and wipes and other kiddie bits as kiddies will be at mums

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Pressie - Day 5

got some yummie Forest Fruit Sula's!!
My Secret Santa really has done her homework!! Sugar free sweeties!!! Hid them from prying eyes LOL.

(borrowed pic from web)

Monday, December 4, 2006

Pressie - Day 4

Today's gift are these lengths of pink ribbons!! yummmm!! Pink AND Ribbon.... can it be any better??

Prompt 19: Sun 3rd Dec

Prompt 19: Sun 3rd Dec
"Deck the Halls ...."
It's starting to look Christmassy out there ... how do you decorate for Christmas? Do you have a huge tree with colour-coordinated decorations? minimal decorations? Neon Santas & snowmen all over the house? Does your tree have a star on it? or an angel? or something else? Do you include a nativity scene in your home?

Lord, thank you for the festive decorations we see around us. Thank you for the opportunity to decorate our houses, workplaces, schools & towns for this season & for the freedom to celebrate Christmas in the UK. We pray for those who do not have the freedom to celebrate due to the laws of the country they are resident in. Amen

The last couple of years, I've had a bowl of baubles ontop of the tv as our decs, Last year I recieved a really pretty glittery tree in a pressie swap, small and cute which I put on the tv too, infact it's still there as I love it soooo much I also got a cute little drum which Jayz adopted as his own!! He loves drums!!
This year, I'm hopping to have a pretty wooden tree that we'll decorate ourselves, I also want some lights or something..... oooo, I may even put some lights in the down stairs window.

Pressie - Day 3

OOOooooooo!!!! Isn't this butterfly just Prettyfull??!! It's so delicate and beautiful!!

Prompt 18: Sat 2nd Dec

Prompt 18: Sat 2nd Dec
Is 9 v6
For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

This is one of the most widely used of all readings at Christmas. Which of the titles used here means the most to you? Is there one you can relate to more than any other?

This Christmas time, we look for fresh understanding in the old familiar words that we will hear many times in the coming weeks. Wonderful Counsellor, we give you thanks for your constant love for us, and your work in our loves. Mighty God, we ask your blessing on this troubled world during this season of love. Everlasting Father, hold us close and help us to hear your voice. Prince of Peace, grant us peace at this time of stress and busy-ness. Amen

I really cant choose one tittle above the others. They all mean sooo much to me and God has been and is all of these and more.

When I am feeling low and at my worse or even when I need to talk things through, He is my Wonderful Counsellor.

When I am stressed and when things are all over the place or when i'm about to blow my top, He's my Prince of Peace

He has taken the place of a father who doesn't care about me or my children and will forever be My "Daddy" He looks after me and is my Everlasting Father, he'll forever be my Dad.

There's no situation he cant help me with, no weapon formed against me shall prosper. He has my back!! He's a Mighty God.

There are soooooooo many more titles that He is to me..... He's all that and a Bag of Honey Roasted Cashews!!!

Day 2 Pressie!!

These yummie Queen and Co frills are mine... all mine

Friday, December 1, 2006

Advent Swap!!!

Just look at all these pressies!! Just for me:

My Lovely Secret Santa sent me these and I get to open up one each day!!

Today's pressie's these lovely slipper socks!!

I put them on straight away an d Jayz(3) came in and asked "what you got on your feet?"

"slipper socks" I said,

"ooooooo" He smiles

"Dya like them?" I ask him, "aren't they pretty?"

"yes " he says and strokes them. "Iwant to kiss them" he says... and does lolol.

I love them, all warm and cozy and cute colours.

Prompt 17

Prompt 17: Fri 1st DecWelcome to anybody just starting with the prompts today Well, it's December 1st today. That means just 24 days till Christmas. How will you be counting down this year? Advent calendar? Advent Candle? Are you joining in the Advent Swap with a present to open every day? Lord of our days, as the countdown to Christmas really takes a new focus today, help us to take a few minutes each day to focus on You and the message You are giving us this Christmas. As we open each door on our Advent calendar, help us to open a new door in our hearts to receive a new message, and to gain deeper understanding. Amen

This year, I'll be counting up the days to Christmas a few diff ways this year. I'm in an Advent Swap, Doing these Advent Promps and keeping a Christmas Journal from an online class..

Prompt 16

Prompt 16: Thurs 30 NovWhat does Christmas sound like?Is there a sound that means "Christmas" to you? Jingle bells? The Salvation Army brass band? "Ho ho ho"? the beeping of battery operated toys? the tearing of wrapping paper? What are your favourite Christmas songs & Carols?God of music, Fill our lives this Christmas season with the sounds that are pleasing to you. Show us new meaning in the old words and help us to find a new joy in the traditional sounds. Amen

sounds of Christmas:

Carrols....... Songs...... laughter...... toys...... games.......

My all time fave song is Mariah Carey's- All I want for Christmas Is YOu. Love it!! when I go out shopping and hear that, I know it's Christmas LOL.

My first "real" Job was in a shoe shop and it was when boyzone just came out and they sang "love me for a reason" or something like that.... still remember it.... the store had a compilation tape and it played over and over again..... When I hear any of the songs from the tape it really brings back memories!

Prompt 15

Prompt 15: Weds 29 NovWhat does Christmas taste of? What foods do you associate with Christmas? Are there certain things you only eat at this time of year? What will you be eating for Christmas dinner? Do you make your own Christmas pudding? Do you bake? Is there a specific food/taste related memory that you have of Christmas?Father, Provider, Thank you for the food we enjoy at Christmas time, and for your faithful provision throughout the year. We who have never known true hunger, place into your hands those who will go hungry today. At this time of giving and receiving, teach us how to appreciate what we have. Amen

Sprouts are deff a Christmas only food!! I hardly have it any other time of the year. Turkey too, i find it a bit dry but i always get a slice or two at Christmas.

Chocolate used to have a big place in our home over the hollidays, we had tins and advent callenders and selection boxes... and coins......... it went on and on.
Nowadays, I dont even buy one tin, a couple of years ago we just briught a box.... worked ok.

I'm trying to stay away from choc so wont go overboard, i'll get some sugar free choc.

We got calanders for the boys today!!

Ohhhhh!! I've just remembered!! Mcdoanalds used to do a pie called yuletide, it was cooked just like their apple pies but instead of apple, it was filled with mincemeat and a creamy white sauce.
Tasted delish!!! could do with one right now!!

Hubby loves Choc Yule logs at Christmas, Tesco finest is his fave.

Prompt 14

Prompt 14: Tues 28 NovWhat does Christmas smell of? What smells do you associate with Christmas? The pine smell of real Christmas trees? Chocolate oranges? Cinnamon? Mince pies? New books? Perfume? God of the senses, Thank you for the sense of smell and for the way that smells can invoke memories for us. Thank you for the many blessings we have at this time of year. Amen

the smells of Christmas for me is a warm spicy, sweet smell.

Prompt 13

Prompt 13: Mon 27 NovSlight change of pace/style this week!What colour is Christmas? What colours do you associate with Christmas? The traditional red & green? Rich Golds & purples? Wintery blue & silver? God of colour, Thank you for the many colours we see at Christmas time: the bright reds, the brilliant whites, the sparkling silvers, the rich golds... The bright colours in the drab winter, the bright lights lighting up the dark nights to remind us that there is light to come into this dark world. Amen

colours of Christmas to me are reds and greens, gold and silver, blue and white, blue and silver, pink and white!!!

All my childhood decs were a whole variety of colours.

Prompt 12

Prompt 12: Sun 26th Nov(As Christmas day is a Monday this year & thus week 4 of Advent only lasts one day, I will be starting this Sunday with the prompts that I would normally start Advent Sunday & running everything a week early to get them all in ... )Advent is the season of lights - twinkling white ones, flashing bright ones, flickering candles. Churches light Advent candles, towns are filled with lights.Lights symbolize the light of God coming into the world through the birth of His son. The light reminds us that Jesus is the light of the world that comes into the darkness of our lives to bring newness, life, and hope. It also reminds us that we are called to be a light to the world as we reflect the light of God's grace to others (Isa 42:6). As we approch Christmas, more & more lights appear symbolizing that the darkness is receding, that something is happening, and that more is yet to come. For those using Advent wreaths, the light that has come into the world is plainly visible as the Christ candle is lit at ChristmasHow is light important in your Christmas celebrations? Do you have dozens of fairy lights on your tree? an advent candle? Do you like to see the Christmas lights in town? Do you take a trip to see them?Perhaps you would like to take time out today to light a candle, and to focus on Jesus, Light of the worldLord of light, shine in our hearts in this Advent season and help us to shine in the world, bringing light to the darkness around us. Amen

As a child, we had loads of fairy lights on our tree.... I used to love to see them blinking and twinklin!!
It was my job to put the decorations up and I loved it!!..... didnt much like the taking down tho.

I dont have a tree now as the young'uns would pull it down but I may get some lights to put up. And maybe a tiny tree that Kali and I can decorate together.

I LOVE to see the lights in the diff places and stores. Cant believe some town centres want to keep them down....... but that's another story.

Prompt 11

Prompt 11: Sat 25th NovLuke 1: 76-79; Matthew 3: 1-12The great promises were about to be fulfilled & God needed somebody to take His message out to prepare people. John's role in preparing the people was very important. As we prepare for Christmas, what message are you giving to your family? to the world? Are you preparing the way & using this time to bring God's message to the world, or are you turning your back on it and focussing on the commercial side of Christmas?God, At this time of year, help us to keep our hearts focussed on the true story of Christmas in all we do this festive season, that we may do a small part in preparing the way for You to come again. Amen

Working in a store, it's hard not to see the commercial side of Christmas!! I am hoping that I stay focused on the reason for the season!!

Christmas is sooooo much fun but can become so wrapped up in pressies!!!

Prompt 9

Prompt 9: Thurs 23rd NovToday is Thanksgiving Day in the USA – so I thought it appropriate to use today to think what we are thankful for. Father God, We thank you for the joy you bring to our lives, for our loved ones, for time to enjoy the things we do, and for the world around us. Today, Thanksgiving Day, we thank You for the joy that knowing You brings, for your constant love and care for us, and for the gift of Your son into our world, which we remember each Christmas time. Amen

I'm thankful for sooooo much!! I often moan and grumble about things I dont have. I am ever so grateful for life, strentgh, my family..... a roof over my head..... food on my table..... work....

Thank you Lord for your grace and mercy xxx

Prompt 10

Prompt 10: Fri 24th NovLuke 1:57-75 Back to John the Baptist today ... God had great plans for him from the moment he was born. The fact that God's hand was with John from the moment of his birth suggested God would be guiding him - and that John would respond to God's guidance. In what way is God's hand on your life right now?Lord, I place myself into Your hands. So often I am too busy to take time to listen to Your voice or to feel Your touch on my life. Help me to be more aware of You and to respond to Your promptings. Help me to make time to actively seek your will for me at this time. Amen

The Lord is really helping me with my ministry. I want to continue growing in my singing and ministering.
I have started to lead Praise and Worship which is such a great thing for me. I am soooo nervous but also happy that God is using me. I want to be a blessing and I want my voice to get better and better!!

I am trying to let God lead me more and more.... I have to stop being stuborn and remove all fear and doubt.

I want to continue to excell in all I do.

As a youth leader, I deff feel God's hand.... I would never have thought I'd be in this possition and I even said I'd "Never" do it.... (famous last words LOLOLOL)