Monday, August 3, 2009


AARRRGggggg!! Just tracked my Bridesmaid dress!! it's in UK now waiting "clearence" whooohoooooo!!! cutting it fine, was thinking it may not get here in time whoooooo!!

must remember to set some funds aside for customs

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Teacher cards ala Anya!!

Soooo..... being me I left teacher cards late, had my eye on Teacher anya for a loooong time, trying to budget still (yeah not to thrifty) so had her on wish list but as I has quite a few cards thought I'd get her - justify... would have to buy 7 cards at £1-£1.50 I'd say so she paid for herself..... yep thats what I'll tell Adj if he asks LOL

sooooooo....... I called stampezzee panicing about delivery and the sweetie told me she'd post out next day and we had a laugh about leaving stuff til last minute. I was soo pleased I ordered her, she is lovely in stamp person and colours so well... oh and Superstar Anya jumped in my basket while I was there....justify?? erm... no I hid her... and the prima daisies too.. shhhh....

so late to post but here's the cards... simple style as usual

{card - bazzil and DCWV. PP - DCWV and scraps. flowers - Prima and local art shop. Bling}


Happy Birthday TGF!!!

Sooooo..... this card started of good and then stuff happened. LOL - where's my thick blue ribbon?? dont know lets use this thin one.... not so pretty.
Where is my Birthday Greetings stamp? in the sentiments box..... where's the sentiment box? erm at my mums house...... er.... Handwritten do?? er.... NO!! even less pretty.....

When I get the stamp from mums I'll redo the sentiment.... will also match the matt with the stamped image's matt colours

{card & stripped pp - DCWV . Ribbon - from Angels ribbon kit. Flowers - from local art shop}

Thursday, July 30, 2009



getting ready for the big bash!!

The greeting farm is having a Blog Hop bash on 1st August to celebrate their birthday!!

Cant wait, first time to do this kind of thing.

Hopefully it will cheer me up, My ankles are still giving me "Jip" had a horrid time at work last week, first day back had to leave and come home... pain and frustration all week then Saturday Pain and Pain plus some PAIN!!! BAHHHHH... took last few days off and will have to see Doc for advice etc.

Sooooooooo................ need a little cheer up.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Long Time!!!

Oh my!! such a long time posting, so much gone on....

Poor kylo had his accident and surgery and that's trully overshadowed every area of our lives but I praise God that it was not as bad as it could have been and it was a small Op and he came through it brilliantly. I thank God for being there for me when I was weak then He is strong

I want to thank those who prayed, supported and were just there for us during that time and now the healing.

Oh and it was my Birthday this week!! Adj planned a surprise party for me!! can you believe it!! wow what a cutie!! It was fab thanks to all who came and how could you keep it from me and let me turn up with casual clothes and BAD hair??!! LOL

Love you my sweet Hubby xxx
Thanks to the blog visitor who sent the lovely message about my music xxx

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Arggggggg!! I need a break LOL,

Just a quick post with a headsup..... Faithscrappersuk have a DT call at the moment... hurry on over to see the notice/conditions!!