Friday, December 21, 2007

Just caching up!! I made loads of cards for Christmas with some yummie magnolia stamps but completely forgot to take photo's of them!! I took pics of the last 6 but not great so will have to take picture in daylight.

shopping and running around to do..... Was in the car with adj and the kiddies today when I had one of Those thoughts.... all the hustle and bustle.... people being soooo bad tempered and rushing around... for the time of year when peace came to all mankind, it was not very peaceful at all out there! I think i'll try and be more peaceful myself as it's soooo easy to get caught up with all of he hype and stress.

MIL is doing well, just got court stuff next..... dont know how that's gonna be. How will i be able to look at the brute without reacting? What will the courtroom be like? what lies will we have to listen to? will his solicitor be very harsh with MIL and elbel?? will there be journo's around??

Monday, December 3, 2007

Advent Swap!!

Here's the last 3 days pressies!!

yummie charms.

Pretty snowflake socks

Cute chipboard flowers!!

a few thank you cards:

magnolia stamps... yumm!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

In the paper!!!

humph!!!!!!!!!! so MIL's local paper has "article" about the heighnus brute..... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr so anoyed, cant type properly grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Why do papers have to be so dofus like??? why cant they think about how people will feel instead of being sensationalt and just so STUPID??!!

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i soo want to give the editor a call, DH, MIL, ellbell and gramdma has read the rubbish but I will have to read it first for myself so i have something o complan about to the editor i guess.... just know that it'll make me even crosser than i am now after just hearing about the stupidity of the "journalist"

Journalists were at the house the night and days afterwards but no news was reported but i guess they were waiting to hear the plea the brute gave before going with the story. He has another court appearance on friday...... grrrrrrrrrrr

right i'm gonna have to stop typing and thinking now as i'm getting sooooo angry..... bahhhhhhh

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mummy and Bubble.....

Cant stop taking piccies of bubble!! took some of us together... It was hard getting them so that we were both in the piccie properly and not half a head LOLOL, suppose i could of asked someone else to do it!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


here's more piccies of bubble!!

lighting not too good.

Baby Power!!




Haven't updated for a while, been feeling so blah i didn't want to write anything done.

MIL had to go into hospital again :o( her legs arent healing properly and new antibiotics needed to be given.

The brute had his plea date and pleaded NOT guilty!!! what a complete and utter worm.... cant even be a man and own up to his actions. wont write too much about it for legal reasons as i know he has internet access or someone he knows is doing stuff for him grrrrrrrrrrr.

My emotions are all over the place still, trying to get past this hill....

Saturday, November 3, 2007


Here's bubble at 1 week old!!

hmmm whats over there??

Edwin(magnolia) cheeks:

What a night!!

**look away if talk of breast feeding aint your thing!!**

Poor bubble!! he had such a rough night. the formula doesnt agree with him at all!!
he was sick and groaney from 3am and didnt want to lie down. I had to sleep with him upright on my chest, my hips and legs finally said no more. He had another feed at 9.30ish and was sick again... he looked so sad but no fever, also the milk was undigested so....i called GP.... what dya know?? they were closed!!! BAH!!!
phoned m/wife and she basicaly told me br/milk with co-codamol was better for him than formula :o(
Gave him a br/feed at 10.30ish and he slept fine and no sick!! finally got to lie him down. poor love.
sooooooo, no more formula..... dh not to happy as he loved being able to feed him so i will express.
I had to dig out the old pump while formula feeding as it got so painful and i didnt want milk to stop!! i expressed a whole bottle at a time!! never managed that before!! hopefully it will continue like this.

wonder if there's such thing as "gentle" formula?

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Thank God for Codeine!!

Been in so much pain last few days been using just paracetamol which really didn't touch the pain. Wonderful midwife came today and told me to ge on to my gp and get stronger meds being asthmatic there's not much I can take she told me i could take codeine.
Didnt get to call gp but called Morrisons pharmacy and they had some co-codymol!! took some at about 9pm and wow!! I feel so much better, not totaly painfree but soooo much better.
Only thing is while taking these i cant breastfeed so bubble gets a bottle and mummy has less pain.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


yesturday was our anniversary!!

6 years married!! seems like just the other day i was making all the preperations LOL.

we've been together for 11 years and it's so funny how we've grown together.

happy anniv my lovely and silly hubby xxx

Friday, October 26, 2007

bibble, bobble..... BUBBLE!!!!!!

Whooo hoooo!! bubble's here and ....................

He's a BOY!!!!!

LOLOLOL another boy!! no pink shopping for me, and no more oestrogeon in the house..... tetesterone all the way.

Wha a dash to the hospital it was too!!

I went to the toilet at something to 2pm and had these odd pains.... then they became worse. I quickl had a wash and combed my hair... went to my bedroom to get my hair gel but another contraction made me jump onto the bed!! Adj said "That's it... we need to go to the hospital" i went downstairs to get dressed but he pains were coming so close together I had to keep stopping, and jumping backwards onto the computer chair!

finaly got ready and went to the car, put a mat under me just in case and we set off.

On the way a group of people decided to cross the road, in the middle of the street... no crossings and stupid cow got cross because adj kep driving.. poor love had me groaning in his ear and knew baby was on way, so anyway this gallah then throws something on our windscreen..... sooooo no what you need when you're in labour, kiddies in he back asking you if you're sick.....

Adj had called my mum to meet us at the hospital as I knew we didn't have time to get her on the way.

When we arrived at he hosp i felt like it was time to push so I told the receptionist, there was a midwife there and she asked if it was my first baby, when i told her it was my 4th, you ahould have seen her face!! she quickly broke of her convo and told me to come with her, we went through to the labour ward and she asked if a room was available, she was told "NO" "It's a fourth baby" she said... "room 5!!!" came the reply LOLOLOL,

So any way I got into the room and hollered, so the love gave me some gas and air...... for the first time ever, I used it effectively..... now i know they tell you to breathe it in when you feel the contraction coming and then stop when it's over, but I just kept breathing in and out and when i felt odd... i jus kept on..... this helped the pain much more than i ever has.
I had prayed for the last few weeks for a managable and easy labour, I got myself in such a state over it and had disscussion about epidural with anethesist and just didnt know what to do. I didnt really want to have an epidural but i sooo didnt want the pain.
I have to say although I didnt stick to my side of the bargain, God stuck to his and the labour was the best ever!! 15mins after I arrived at the hosp Bubble was born!!!

The only scary bit was the after bit...... I lost 600ml of blood and it wasnt stopping so injection....... drip....... massaging...... stirups.... lights ..... poking........ pulling...... placing stuff places and threats of having to go to theatre... pryayers...... things started to get better.
Adj had to run back home while the drip was running through as i had left a whole load of stuff including my nightshirts, dressing gown, toothbrush and paste, hair stuff and loads more... oh and nappies, we were in such a rush to leave the house.

Felt dizzy in the shower and my mum came in room with me... slightly embarassing but very reasuring having her there..... never to old to have a bit of mothering!!

soooooooooo........ Back home with lovely cute baby!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

International Visitors!!

WOWWW!! I put a new dodah on the blog that records visitors by their countries (saw it on the lovely Anso's scrummy blog) and I just saw that I have had visits from Australia, Finland and Sweeden!!

How fab is that??

A big Hi!!! to you xxx

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

LLlllllloooooooooong weekend!!

What a lonnnggggg weekend I've had.

Sunday was an appreciation day for our Pastor and Elder at church.

Tuesday we went to the funeral of a good friend's mum. She's taking it really hard. The funeral was 260 miles there and back so we were very tired!!

Today we drove up to see MIL i was a really nice visit, she's getting on so well.
The only thing that was bad was when she was in pain, I need to by her a timer so that she can remember when it's time to take her pain meds.
I finally gave her a kiss!! I've been so scared that i may hurt her and have been just sort of saying bye and scarpering but today she called me as I was gonna go and said bye again so I went in and gave her a kiss on her cheek and she rubbed/patted bubble!! I was grining from ear to ear LOLOL, I've wanted to do that since the very night all this started.... I know it sounds all girly and pink but I dont care heeeeeee and anyway.... whats wrong with being girly and pink?? better than how i've been feeling last couple of days.... all prickly and cranky.

Got to play with my Tilda's - well the two that I rescued from the pick up truck.... still can't find bunny tilda.
I am so impressed with the quality of the rubber!! I take back my misgivings, the image is so clear and i love the whatever you call it stuff that sticks the stamp to the acrylic block.... i thought it would be sticky and when i peeled a little back it was slick but got advice that it's exactly what it was meant to be like - silly me LOLOL - weeeeeellllll, I love it and think i'll try and track some down to put on my bella's.... think that will make them more "cushie"
soooo anyway, I stamped and coloured two in to try out my pencils and the glaze pen and water technique i saw on c&c.
I love the water and glaze pens.... just fab.. pencils were yummy too and I can see a new addiction comming on LOLOL
Will make two cards to mount them on and post piccies.

Friday, October 12, 2007

MIL Update.

MIL is sill going from strength to strength. This stinky cold means I havent been able to visit here tho booooooo!!!

She's going to the house at the w/e o show adj what she wants to keep and what she wants throwing out, then adj ad his friend can pack a few things up.
I'm wondering what it will be like for her going to the house :o(
dont think I could do it myself... I havent been here since i happened, been outside in car but no gone in and i wasnt even me that it happened to.

Missing Tilda!!

Wahhhhhh!! my bunny suit tilda is lost....... last seen?? in the back of the kiddies pick up truck....
all three tildas were tilda jacked by kylo and silly mummy thought... hmmm I'll go get them later, now I only see two of them and the bunny suit one is lost!!! wahhhhhhh!!

Bubble is getting so heavy, all he movements are soooo hard. I'm still worrying about the slightly large head..... you know where that's gotta escape from (ahem)

Got appt on Mon with consultant and then with anesathist(bad sp) I think I have another water infection so will let doc know then.

Got sooooo many things I want to do craft wise but no time and i MUST carry on the house blitz or Bubble will be lost amongst the junk... er i mean prize possesions ;o)

Monday, October 1, 2007

Tilda's Here!!

My magnollia stamps have finally arrived!! Nearly a whole month after I ordered them!!

I was gonna do a paypal reverse thingy as I thought they weren't comming.

Sooooo happy to have them as i love the rabbit suit tilda, also got the petticoat one and the tilda with cake.
I cant believe how hooked I am on these tilda's!! I have a few on pre-order with uk suppliers and cant wait till they come... magnollia take ages with orders tho so may be a while yet.

only thing about these are that they're not cut very neatly... ah well will have a quick go over with my small scissors.

The stamps arent as high a quality as i thought, but I have seen some fab creations with them so i'm sure they're fine. Cant wait to have a play!!

Fabby Visit

We all went to see MIL yesturday.
Was the first time the kids have seen her and we were a little anxious as to how they'd react but each one reacted in exactly the way we thought.
They were just fab and Kali had a lovely cuddle with MIL. He was so happy I melted and just felt like blubbering.
Jayz just looked for a while and took everything in - he and kylo had just woken up so they were a little miserable and spaced anyway. MIL asked him if it was still her and he said yes.... how sweet is that?
Kylo was just the same as usual and stared and smilled from afar. They both soon warmed up and were hoping and jumping and skipping around the place as usual.

I totally didnt say everything I wanted to say to MIL, I just couldnt form the words. I just wanted to hug her but didnt, i just dont want to hurt her.

She was walking around and everything, she is just soooooo amazingly fab!! her hands looked so good, the colour in her fingers are comming along nicely and she can move them much more.

She was in pain in the evening which was horrible, I think she was a little upset when we were going too.

I had a little blubber when i went to bed. I thought I'd come to terms with all this but I havent really. I am just so PO'd that this has happened, I am so sad and when i close my eyes when she's talking, I see her like before.....

I soooo want bubble to be a girl for her, she'd love a granddaughter.

Show Time!!

Ally Pally was fab on Saturday, lots of yummies and lovely crafters all around.

Didnt get a chance to do my normal walk for ages round and round and browsing fave stalls at least three times LOLOL, bubble is sooooo big now and seems to get a nark on if i'm walking about.
Decided that I'd go round once and go to the stalls i really wanted to get something from, made lists and had to stick to it, was a shame in a way cos i just know there was some great stalls/stores there but just couldnt do it. Didnt get a chance to go into CTM as it was jampacked and i couldnt risk getting jabbed or pushed.

I did manage to get the sizzix dies i was after except for the bigz frame, from craft bug.
The bejewler from banana frog - and a couple of the chrystal packs.
Finally got the BIA!! I wanted it for months but with all the stuff needed for bubble, i had to leave it, Scrap Revolution had it for a fantaby price - nearly £20 cheaper than another stall had it for!! so snagged one and a wire pack.
Sugar and Spice had some sweet acrylic albums, the exact paper i had dreamed of for some invites and quickie glue ooo and Oct creating keepsakes too.

got some knick knacks from a couple other stalls and then my time was up. Sat down in the lobby and had a slurp of Pepsi Max - shhhhhh dont let diet coke know i'm a traitor!!
Adj came to get me, the sweetie, he didnt want me to go cos he knows how achy I get and with my BP being high and all. But I promised i'd only do a small walk round. He was off out for a stag day and so i was on a time restriction anyway which helped sway him.

I was sooooooo tired after, I treated bubble to some mash potato and mackrel (sounds yuck but was scrummy) and had a snooze!!

High light was seeing Juju aka Julie, she gave me a lovely big hug and it was just so nice to see her irl again. Saw karren too which was nice.

My purchases are still im my case... gonna have a play later.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Home sweet Home!!

MIL has been discharged rom hospital!! How fab is that?? More imprtantly, how fab is SHE??!!

Adj went to see her today and came back quite happy. He was soooo down last week and yesturday was a bad day for him :o(

MIL has a test later this week to check the status of the MRSA, she wants me to wait till she has the test before I go to see her. Cant wait to see her tho as it's been a few weeks.
She's getting on well and is progressing good. She has a carer to change the bandages and to help her wash etc.

The monster is still holding on to his lies!! Cant be a man even now. I just hope justice is done.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Happines turns to sadness.....

...... and anxiety...... and sorrow...... and fear......

just found out that MIL has MRSA, what are we gonna do know? How is this gonna affect her, and Adj and even bubble.
What is the seriousness of her infecion? Is it treatable? all these questions..... no answers yet.

Adj was so sad when he collected me from my mummy's house. I just knew something was wrong, he was just so down looking. My mummy asked him how his visit went as he'd been to see MIL on her "home" visit..... he just made a so so face and action with his hands, Mummy and I just looked at each other, I told him to get Kylo but he said me or kali would have to carry him... that in itself seemed odd to us as he always carried him to the car, esp now i'm so achy.... He told me the news when we got in the car and told me he needed to wash etc. Because of the risks, and so he didnt want to be close to Kylo.
When we got home i just stayed in the car while they went inside and just cried..... why this? why??

How do we all bounce back from this?

Today I had youth meeting and was teaching the kids a song to sing on Sunday, it's by Kirk Franklin and it has the line "He'll never put more on me than I can bear"
was practicing it all afternoon in preperation for the meeting, going through the lyrics and arangement and the harmonies...... Now it seems like it was a pre comfort that I needed for now.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

MIL update!!

Arrrggggg!!! am soooooooo stoked!! Adj's grandma phoned with an update!! Mil got up and walked by herself, got in her chair by herelf and went to the bathroom by HERSELF!! how great is that?? How amazing is she??!!
The hosp is so pleased with her she will be going on a day visit "home" next week!!! - not to her home obviously but somewhere else(cant say where for security) to see how she gets on and if all goes well, she will be looking at a discharge date real soon!!!
I can hardly believe it, I had no expectation of her leaving hosp so soon! She had told adj that she wanted to be at work by Christmas and we were thinking he'd be in hosp still at christmas!!

Even tho I prayed for a miracle I cant quite fathom this at all!! How great is this?? God is good :O)

Monster has to apear in court this month. Police want MIL to do a video statement. Not too clued up on legal stuff so not sure if this date is just a hearing in order to see what the plea is, will find out from adj when he has a chat with liason offficer.


Got to see Bubble in a scan on Friday!!
Went to see if he/she was growing properly(i.e not too big) and if the position was ok... was breech at 30wks.
Growth is fine (so neeeerrrrr consulants!! just cos i'm a fatty dont mean my baby will be mega huge - my last 3 were "normal" so why cant this one be???)
And bubble is head down!! whoooo hoooo (must be why i can feel all this presure "down there")

Scanner lady was supa nice. She let Adj, jayz and kylo have a looksie. Adj had to go park the car and i had to go in, she'd finished the scan when they came and she told me to hop back on the bed and let them have a looksie. So nice of her.

SO pleased that bubble isnt breech anymore, scanner lady said babies can still turn from now till birth but hopefully bubble will stay put :o)

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A Big Thank You!!

Tracey you wonderful and kind lovey!! I got your package!!

Tracey sent a card for MIL but she also sent me a card and some bump treats!! Such a lovely thing to do and I just want to say a great big THANKS xxx

One Tuff Cookie!!

I got to see my MIL yesturday!! I was so scared that I'd be a mess or wouldnt be strong and was worried that i wouldn't know what to say to her.
Adj's Grandma was there so i waited in the day room while adj went in, I was a little nervous and wondering if I should have came but then it was my turn to go in, I didnt want to look at her in case my face and tears betrayed me, so I just said hello and then looked down. I looked around the room and then thought this is rediculous(sp!!) and I just took a breath and looked!! I was upset but held it in well and just talked.
She is just her, as funny and feisty as usual!! She made me laugh and I made her laugh, Adj was just great.
We had to go through bills and letters and stuff.
I am so hurt by her injuries and she was in so much pain, but under all the burn she's still her, her eyes and her nose is her, her laugh, her personality.

I was glad that I went and amazed at her strengh!! I am so sadened that she has had to go through all of this.

I'm still having bad dreams about him who shall remain without a name.

Cant wait to see her again!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

one step forward...... one step back.

MIL has had to be put back into the ITU :o(
She was given another graft but her face swellled really badly and so they put her back in ITU to keep a close eye on here and to give more care.

I'm wondering why they did another graft now, why didnt they wait til the infection had been gone for a while?

Ah well... they're the medics and know what their doing..... just a little diheartning that's all.

Preperation for the youth convention are going well!! Will decorate jars and toiletries oo and make gift bags for the prizes later after Choir practice, also got group practice so will be a late one....

Monday, August 13, 2007


todays a blah day, I'm just feeling so depresed, I was meant to go to the bank to sort out a few stuff but i just havent got the energy, I feel like i'm in a hole but i need to get out of it... I've got too much to do and too many people depending on me.
I need to do something to take my mind of all this and just stop SNAPPING!!

I have the youth conference to organise which is thi weekend and cos of all the oings on i havent really put all i wanted into it so starting from right NOW i'm gonna leave my pity party and get my butt to work!!

MIL was doing well when adj went to see her, he came back so sad tho, he's finding all this just so hard and my heart breaks for him, he just is broken and trying to come to term with everything and he find it hard that MIL kept so much from him.

He is on auto pilot at the moment and i'm trying so hard not to let my hormonal rants and moods affect him, but instead, my darling boys get it all. :o(

Saturday, August 11, 2007


I am lost.... I dont know how to feel, what to think. I try to get on with life, with everyday stuff but I am just lost.

My mind is so full of so many thoughts, emotions and feelings.... too many to work out, to put into words even.

Last night i had a horrible dream where the heinious man... cant call him anything but a monster - was in it... it seemed so real even his injuries which although i havent seen in real life, looked real. It was horrible.

I keep thinking he's gonna get out of custody and come over here....

adj is so down and so sad, he feel that the monster has taken everything away from her and he feels it for his bro and nan. He went to see MIL today, cant wait til he comes back so i can see how she is.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

I've been tagged!!

The fabby Flapsi has tagged me!! thanks so much hun, deff made me smile and gave me a shiney!! You deff rock xxx

I had a hard time thinking about who to tag a I read so many great blogs and the author certainly rock.... many are already tagged with this award which just proves i'm right... aren't women always right? LOL
OK, so i tag:

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Happy Birthday Jayz!!

My baby is 4 !!!
4 !!?? I cant believe I had him 4 years ago... seems like yesturday :o)

I had planned to have a birthday party for him but with all thats gone on, it didnt feel right at all.
We went out to toysrus and then Pizza hut for his b'day treat cos we feel that MIL's improvement is good and we should let Jayz and the boys have a nice day. It was really nice and the boys were so well behaved.
Jayz is in a funny mood today, he seems a little sad but toys rus really cheered him up LOL!!

I'll post pics later or tomo.

MIL update...

Adj couldnt go up to see her today cos SHe was sedated again.... apparently, she's having her sedated dressing change and wash everyday... EVERYDAY!!! How painful is that?? She had a high temperature yesturday and so the doctor thinks infection may be the cause so the dressings need to be changed daily.
My heart aches for her but whatever they have to do for her to get better then thats what matters.

The monster - I cant even mention his name - has now been discharged from hospital adn is in police custudy... cant say much more cos of stupid legal reasons... why is it always the badies that get protected??

On a high note, MIL has been moved out of intensive care!! how good is that?? fantastic!!
She's been moved into rehabilitation!!


I finally got to play with my lollypop alpha!! I used mounboard, chalk ink (how yummy are those cats eyes??) and glitter!! I also got to try out the Swirl thick cut die!! so glad i got it now as i love the swirls!! They can be used as those paper clips you can get too!! Think i'll get some metal sheeting next week and see how I go.

The card making got me out of my craft ban and i just had to do a scrap page. I had the photo printed off for ages but since I wanted to use the glitter alpha and swirls i made, i wanted it to be quiter plain so that lead me to a challenge I've been thinking about for Scrapstars!!

A Lo with cardstock only - no PP!! and handmade embellies only!! ooo bet they'll moan as they wont be able to use their beloved Basic grey... LOLOL you I love you guys XxX

The page is very plain but I think i like it:


Here's the pics i promised of the cards!!

Sunday, August 5, 2007

I crafted!!!

whhhoooo i finally lifted my "ban" and made the two b'day cards!!
It was so relaxing and I felt quite soothed, just doing something that I enjoy feels so wrong but i really needed it and I'm glad I did cos the kids were much more relaxed too, they know every emotion I feel... they are so clued up its scary, I try to put on a front but they know when I'm not.

Adj wasnt able to chat to MIL cos she was coming out of sedation after her wash.
It breaks my heart to think how much pain she's in that she needs to be sedated just to have a wash, something that I ake for granted... something that I didnt even think about. They have to take off her bandages, remove the dressing, and then wash... I am now getting angry again, the one act of sheer wickedness just keeps on hurting her... even though the act is already done.

I am so peeoo'd right now but I will NOT let him win, I WILLL be strong and WE will get over all of this.

I'll post photo's of the cards tomo.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Looking Up

Things are looking up and I am soooooooooooooooo amazed by this miracle.
MIL was nearly taken from us and here she is asking for a cuppa!! LOL

Adj is just ecstatic!! SHe asked for some yogurt when he was there on Thursday and she had 2spoons!! She had only had water before that and that made her choke. MIL took a few steps with the help of the nurse..... As Adj was telling me all this i was just buzzing and couldn't beleive it!! I know we've got a long road ahead of us but this is just so amazing.

I want to go see her but i dont know if i will be strong..... I need to be strong for her.

I went to the PO yesturday, I went to a few shops too as i needed some tops... my bump is getting sooo big also some underwear... big pants ahoy!!!
I picked up some grocceries while i was there and it was the first time i've been to the shops since it happened that I felt happy to be shopping.

my mind cant process all these emotions and i feel so out of sorts, ill and tired but I just wan to get over this first hurdle and I know i'll be ok.

I want to craft but I cant, I need to make a couple of cards so i'll hopefully just put all the negative thoughts aside and do them.....

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

why didn't I talk??

MIL is AWAKE!!!!!!!

Adj got the phone call this afternoon and we just got ready and went up there.

I wont go into all the details as we've had to make new security measures but I just feel so stupid cos i didnt talk much to her. I said two things and just stood there looking around like a muppet!!

I didnt know what to say, I was just so sad and upset and it hurt to see her like that.
My anger frightens me.... When i see her, all I can think is how can someone leave someone in that possition, in that pain??!!

I wish I talked.

Monday, July 30, 2007

stupid blogger.... well me really

Only gone and changed my template without meaning to!! Bah, wasnt concentrating and now its all blah!!

cant even bother to sort it out now, will do some time later, so excuse the blahness for now

what a night.

Had a really hard night.

I went to see MIL yesturday and it was just terrible but also very needed.
I had to put on apron and scrub hands in a small room and then went into her room. Adj introduced me to the doc/nurse on duty - each patient in the burns itu has a doc/nurse all day, everyday, every second and they cant leave - I took a look over and then just crumbled. I had to leave the room and I rushed to he family room where i just fell apart.
MIL's best friend was here and held me in her arms, Ellbell was there and was comforting me but i wanted to be the strong one for him. I just dont know how someone can do that to someone, to leave them like that.

I had to go back in the room, I just needed to be in there, to be with her so I went to the bathroom and came back and scrubbed back up and went in. I just sat down and stared at the floor. I then looked around the room, there's all pictures of her in there and it's just so soul destroying looking a the pictures and then at the bed.... I took a good look at my sweet, kind MIL, I just dont know what to say, there's no words. All the machines and all the tubes and then her, laying there, sedated, dressings on her face (I thought it was her face at first) the ventilator breathing for her and her chest rising.
I am just so sorry this happened to her, so sorry she is like this now but determined that the monster who did it WONT win.

We went to church in the evening and my cuz played a song for Adj and myself - He'll take the pain away - so touching and so emotional. I was in bitz, one of my good church friends came to me and wrapped me in her arms and just cried.
We were called to the front for a special prayer and Adj and te kids went up, I tried to get up but only made it to the end of my row and just had to sit down again, another of my good friends hugged me and an usher took me to the front. My church momma was there waiting and i just collapsed in her arms and slunk to my knees. Everyone was in tears as we are all so close and they just cant beleive what's gone on.
After I went back to my seat, the service continued but it was so special and it was so good to be there. God was really in the house and comforted us all.

I am so overwhelmed by the love shown to Adj myself by our friends, family, church family and my online communities.
There's really special people in this world which gives us faith in people after our faith in humans has been totally shaken. I refuse to let the hideous actions of one sick and twisted indivitual make me become tottaly untrusting of other people who have and continue to show compassion.

Friday, July 27, 2007

just here

Just here, adj has gone to the Hosp and left me here, he says he's not gonna stay long up there so i shouldnt get childcare. He's also has to bring his mums work keys to her workplace and go to his Grandma's as one of his uncle's is taking the news very badly and needs to see a doctor, the poor guy.
I think he wants to sheild me but instead i jus feel so alone and so useless. I know it's silly to feel like this and maybe it's best for me and bubble but I just want to do something, but i'm here making wetabix for jayz and kylo (they have a love for cereal at anytime like me LOL ) and crying. Kids are up stairs and kylo wants to come down. I started tidying the lounge last night and will do some more. At least I'll be doing something, my back wont take much tho.

Thanks so much for all the lovey and kind messages, comments and posts people have sent me. Means so much.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Why?? How??

Why would someone be so evil?
How could someone do such a thing and inflict so much pain to another human being and more so to the one you have chosen to spend your life with?

My darling, beautiful MIL was savagely attacked by her husband on monday, I cant really write all the details here as people who are very sensitive and even children may read this blog and also legally I'm not sure what I can and cant say.

The absolute animal has caused her to have burns from waist up front and back. He did such an awful, disgusting, attrocious thing..... I still cant believe what he's done.

She is in a specialist Burns hospital and he is in a hospital under police guard as he has been arrested with attempted murder.

Adj is in bitz, EllBell(his little bro.) is too, Ellbell saw his mum at the time and had to put the flames out and administer first aid etc.... what can the poor guy be going through. He's staying with us a the moment and he hasnt eaten properly since monday.
I had to hold him in my arms on tues morning and put him to bed on our sofa, I feel for him I really do.

I am just devestated, My emotions go from angry to sadness to hurt to anxious to worried to pain to grief to hate...... and all diff emotions between.

I have seen life in a different view, things that I have held so important mean absolutely nothing.... arguements are pointless.
Here I was moaning that my hair is breaking and so getting short and comming away when I put my hands through it and now my MIL has no hair as the surgeons had to cut/shave it off.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Yesturday, some stupid woman decided it would be a good idea to look in her bag while driving!
Adj was waiting to turn down a road, on coming traffic was flowwing so he was waiting for a gap, then BANG, Poor kylo and jayz woke up and were startled... kali was right in the back as we had a friend with us so he was closest to the collision.
Stupid, stupid woman!! She just sat in her car looking shocked then got out, adj myself and our friend went over and she just stared in our faces, It was right at a bus stop so people were looking on too..... ARRRGGG I was mad!! She got her phone out and i assumed she was calling the police. I took photo's of both our cars for Insurance purposes, she got of the phone and said "What shall we do, shall we phone the police?"
SO I said "wasn't you phoning them?"
"No" she replied "because I didnt know the number, is it 999?" WHAT!!?? is this woman for real is all i could ask myself, my friend and I just looked at each other in amazement.
Adj must have seen the smoke coming out of my ears and so he sent me to the car LOL.
I was in there for a while and the woman comes over I really didnt want to talk to her as I was fumming but she knocked on the window, I opend the window and she was saying sorry, sorry.... I said "I've got 3 kids in her, and a baby coming, what were you thinking off??"
She then told me she was looking in her BAG!!! I was just soooooo mad, She put our life at risk because she was looking in her bag, I knew she hadnt been watching, cos we were stationary and waiting for a fair few minutes and were on a stretch of road, so she just plain couldnt have been watching!!

Went for a check up much later as my back was really aching and I wanted to make sure Bubble was ok,
Nurse over reacted when she prodded my neck which obviously hurt and tols me they needed to strap me down!! and isolate my neck.... I told her my neck wasnt hurting it was my back.... did she listen??? NO!! so she took me through to the back and a doc came out, He asked me what happened then asked me what speed we were going, i told him we were stationary and then he asks me what speed woman was going??? Like I knew... The silly man wouldnt take the fact that i didnt know and asked was i 100 miles er hour...... why are docs so patronising..... so i said to him" I have a picture of her car... maybe YOu can tell the speed from that??" He then changed his une and said, "Oh no nevermind, thats ok" PHLUUFFFF!!!
He then proded me and decided i wasnt suffering from broken neck or whatever it was the nurse had written and so we all went back out to waiting room................ for HOURS!! BAHHHHH. Adj and Kali fell asleep and Jayz and Kylo were over tired, Jayz kept running around, fidgeting, jumping etc. Kylo Fidgeting, crying and in the end Adj took them to the car so they could sleep.
Finally I was called in and gladly it was a diff doc, she asked what happened and asked if I was asthmatic, as I was wheezy, I told her I was and she listenend to my chest and back... tight!! so she told me I needed a nebuliser, She prodded my back and I nearly jumped of the bed/couch!! OUCHHHHHH....

Well if you've reached up to here, thanks for reading LOLOL, I'm all achy and Chest is a little "wet" from nebuliser but Bubble is ok. The car can be fixed a the end of the day ad we are all ok so thats what matters..... so frustrating but hey.... we're alive.

Got in around 3am so we're not going to church for afernoon service, we'll go to the evening one.

Friday, July 20, 2007


Here's the photo I promised :o)

The challenge was:
1 pic, doodling, lime green somewhere and some brads

Was a real challenge esp. as i hate green LOLOL, The green paper and puffly alpha (ME) was from a scrap room kit and the doodlebug swirl paper was from my CTM kit.
dymo label (just)
whie pen is the white glaze by sakura.


Got the challenge lo done, and before choir practice too.
I'll post a photo later on, my phone is charging.

What a rainy, thundery afternoon!! Looks abit brighter now tho.

Hoping to finally have a play with my lollipop alpha with mountboard, Got some plates for my Big Shot at last - well I got the Big Kick ones as the store were out of the BS ones... am 99.5% sure they'll fit.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Speed Scrap!!!

Right, been procastronating---hmm cant spell it---- all afternoon, had my 2nd challenge page planned ages ago, printer went kaput so couldnt print photos but now we have a new one yayyyy!! got it yesturday reduced by £40!!
So printed of photo last night but now i'm just fraffing around and not scrapping..... sooooo I think I'll challenge myself to speed scrap! I have the bits already waiting for me, just got to cut, place and stick sooooooo what am i waiting for?? Will give the kidies some punchies and paper and do my page...... See you on the other side LOL.


After trying to push the headaches, flashing lights, occasional swelling etc and the rest... I am showing protein now....... I am just trying to stay positive, CANNOT go through all the pre-eclampsia hooohaaa that I had the last two times with Jayz and Kylo.... HUMMMMPPPHHHH!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I Scrapped!!!

whoooo weeeeee!!

After having days and days of having no time or no energy to craft, I saw a thread over at UKS that gives Immediate Challenges, I lurked for a while and then decided I really wanted to Scrap and so asked for a Challenge,
I was given a challenge by amanda:
Use 2 colours 2 photos ribbon and buttons
so last night I got my butt in gear and did it!! So chuffed that I actually crafted!! LOLOL

Here it is:

Scrap paper (backgroud), ribbon, buttons - Costco
PP - Scenic Route
Flock Alphabet - Poundland
Cardstock (photo matts and tag) - HOTP
Ink - Catseye Chalk

I finally used one of the fancy schmancy tag stamps!!

And to add to my Smugginess, I used stash from 3 kits, which means I've finally kept my promise to actually use the kits I get... The only way I can justify getting them.
I used the PP from May's Scraproom Flavors kit (the Scenic Route part)
Buttons, Ribbon and Scrapbook paper - which is actually like card from the kit from Costco.
And the Scissors from the June CTM kit to make a scalloped edge!! Whooo hooo!!!

Swaperooni and Kit!!

Got a box full of Lush lushiness!! For my Pamper Swap gift.

Also got my yummmmmmmyyyyyy CTM kit on the same day!! it's just fabby, fantabby!! I love it. I wanted to get some of the Doodlebug papers and also to try out stickles and they were both in the kit... the glitter paper is scrummmy, not had it before so will have fun trying it out.
The Bling blossoms look delish.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Sleep?? WHat's that??!!

ARRRgggghhh!!!! Just look at the time, 5:20am!! Have I been to bed yet?? NO!!
Back to the "No sleep" Frustration.

Since I couldnt sleep i watched shows i had to watch and then some recorded craft shows and then thought... why dont i make a jacobs ladder usefor DH's grandma?? Why not indeed....

Soooooo, I had to cut down the massive A1 boards and then trim them, Clicked the video over at craft tv and realised i needed 12 boards so cut more but the first cuts made my x-cut all jagedy so I had to pull out the craft knife... then I had the bright idea of inking not only the edges but also the boards..... hmmmm not good cos the ink started to look patchy so i thought i'd use diff colours for every 2 boards.... hmmmm all higeldy pigeldy so i thought i'd use plain navy paper to unify them and use park pictures as well as the duck pictures i'd planned to so the diff colours could well work.

Went to print out the extra photos, does my printer want to play nice?? NO!!!

Well i'v done the ladder now had a sneaky try of it.... not smart... obviously the glues not dry so.. erm... well lets just say the ribbon's loose in places.

will see if the printer is my friend later on this afternoon and add photos and flat embellies then.

I can hear DH getting up for work so will log off and go to bed..... bet he lectures me.... deserve it tho, just got to sweet talk him into carrying jayz up fpr me, the little button snuk down to stay with me and fell asleep on the sofa hours ago....

Wonder if sleep will come.... wont be long before kylo wakes up now...

Friday, June 29, 2007

So near yet SOOOooooo far!!

Had my 2nd scan yesturday, Adj was able to come along this time as it was his holiday week. We got there with 10 minutes to spare - i learnt my lesson after being late last ime LOL.
We ended up waiting ages anyway - cant win can i??!!

We Had a Male Scanner(cant remember the fancy name) first time i've had a male one. There was a student there who conducted the scan, the senior(male) scanner wen to get her a coffee and she started the scan.
I was so surprised when she asked me if I wanted to know the baby's gender, I thought the hosp policy was not to tell, it seems like the policy has changed so I said "yes, write it down as He (hubby) doesn't want to know, but I do"
Adj sat upright and said "what?? NO!! we dont want to know" which led to me saying yes i do and him saying no we dont!!
Poor lass just looked amused.

Anyway... she decided to go with Adj and said she wouldnt say if she could see..... BAH
She asked how many kids i already have and I tell her 3, I tell her that kali is at school and really wanted to be at the scan and she says we'll have to get a nice pic for him.

She was doing the scan pointing out the bits and jayz was so excited looking at the screen. Kylo was worried that the scan wand was hurting me but loved seeing the baby on the screen.

She got a still image and asked if it was ok... looked very blob like so i asked for another, which she sent to the printer.
Then she started frowing and then put the bed lower and sais "Look... that doesnt look right...." so now i start to worry a little, what doesn't look right??? She called the senior over who said "mmmmm...." what does mmm mean i wanna shout...
Adj sits upright and starts peering at the screen, avoiding my eyes....
then the student says "it looks like it's hanging off..." I really wan to jump up then and ask whats hanging off... whats going on??!! But i lay still remembering that they have to have me lying down in order to see whats wrong.
He took over which made me a little more worried and I start to pray.
Lots of prodding and pushinh and ummming and mmmmming and then He says the words I want to hear - "No that's fine...." and starts to call out measurements and organs for the student to enter into the computer.

He then got a still image to print off and said "everythings fine"
"everything?" I ask... i want to get confirmation
"yes... everything we've seen today is fine"
"Is the placenta high up?" I ask, remembering with ds2 that the placenta was lying low for so long they thought i may need a csearean and i had a few scans to check.
"Yes the placenta's well out of the way" he say's smilling.

PHEW!! so after that I guess not knowing the gender is so trivial and I should be very happy that the scan didnt show up any serious probs!!

I'll put up the scan pics tomo.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Cyber Cropping!!

What a fabby Cyber Crop over at Faith Scrappers!! Such fun. I have a card challenge and fat book challenge up on there, had a grea time doing it but like all deadlines i totally fluffed!! Why can't I get my butt into gear?? Things always crop up to stop me bahhhh!!

Kali had a Party in a park to go to today, It looked overcast so we had to rush over and collect him, it started pelting down poor kiddies!!

Here's a sneak peek at the fat book:

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Blog Candy

Spend the other day blog hopping and I cam accross the fabby meez..... My love for all these kinds of things made me stay and make my own!! Cant remember which blog I was reading when i saw it but thanks xxx

I also came across this visual emotion thinky while browsing Mummygina's blog... Here's mine:

Monday, June 11, 2007

Die Cut Frenzy!

went to greenford today - phoned on sat and they were putting their stuff out on Sunday so didnt bother going down then.
waaaaay tired now gonna have a sleep before Big Brother comes on.

Picked up soe fabby sizzix and ellison goodies!!

Adj came to get me, the sweetie pie. Good thing too as i dont know how we would have got back. All those stairs to get to the platforms, i think i would have got busses back and that would have taken 3hrs!! The things I do for stash!! my feet are swollen but i'm a happy die cuting bunny!!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Gottta shop!!

soooooooooooooo disapointed, the concert i was meant to go to tonite is canceled, have been looking forward to it for months.

I Just couldnt wait to see Fred Hammond and Tye Tribette in concert..... bah!!

inorder to cheer myself up im gonna do a little shop. hmmmmmm a baby, a toddler, a full fledged 9 year old boy going on 19 .... and a bump!! Am i barmy or what??!! Adj is at an all day meeting so cant go with him and i need to get out of the house..... wondering if i can get to hobbycraft in greenford and back in one piece, want to pick up ellison and sizzix goodies..... london transport website said it will take 1 and 1/2 hours to get there by bus and tube... thats a roundway trip of 3hrs....... hmmmmmmmmmmmm not loving that.

want to check out a baby listener thingy that you can hear the babies heartbeat so may just take a trip nearer to home.

Friday, May 11, 2007

In The Club....

..... The lovely anso got me all excited about the fabby flavor of the month kits when i was lurking on her blog las month.
She had photos of the April kits on there and I hurried off to have a look at the website. I was instantly hooked LOLOLOL!!

The kit is put together by a wonderful lady called Tammy and I can even pay by paypal which is supa fab for me.

My April kit came but not the stamps as they sold out, hopefully they'll be ready when my may kit comes. Cant wait till may comes although i havent even tucked into the April one.... someone kick me into shape LOLOLOL.

Got some mountboard the other day, really want to have a go at a jacobs ladder.

Still feeling really yucky, can wait to feel better.
Threw up all the lucazade at the midwife booking in visit on Tuesday. It was for the glucose test. I was trying to drink it quickly as the blood had to be collected an hour later. got half way and it all came back up!! had to run to the toilet was soooooo embarassing and so upsetting. midwife was a real doll, i tried to clean what i could but with no cleaning supplies i couldnt get it all. Poor janiter had to do it, she said it was ok bu i reall felt bad for her. I mean who wans to clean up sick??!!
I just know they're gonna want me to take the glucose load test but i really dont want to put myself through it. I mean i had one each time and no probs, had one with Kylo and not a prob detected. I have decided to decline it unless they find sugar or something.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Oh Baby!!

Had My scan today!!
Saw my little bubble on the screen!! how exciting was it?? Very!!!

Jayz and Kylo were with me and they were so good! Jayz sat in the chair all nice and quiet like. He couldnt see so i told him to come over and have a closer look. Kylo kepp saying "bab-ee" LOLOL

the hosp has this new pager system, the pager goes off when it's your turn to go to the scan room. not only is it fab, but it was great for me as jayz was playing with one of those bead wire things and insead of having to persuade him that going down a boring corridor would be better than staying and playing but with the pager I was like "oooo, look jayz, the pager's going off... look!! we need to go now" and I let him hold it. It kept going off in his hand and the lights were flashing, he loved it.

Monday, April 16, 2007

What a Weekend!!!

Went to the show at ally pally on sat.
I got to meet two of my teamies!! Juju and Marina!! It was soooo great to finaly meet them in person. So much like we had met before. They were so warm and lovely.
was a fabby show but man did I tire myself out. I came home and had to go straight upstairs to lie down. back legs all achy and I felt soooo sick. Couldnt even rest for long as I had the rest of the invitations to make... soooooo glad that I've finished them all now, now i have to sit down and think of a price to charge. The bride-to-be keeps asking me for a price and I really dont know what to charge. I hate this part of stuff. I need a manager lololol.
I mean, I cant under sell my self but then i dont want to charge too much.... grrrrrr I really should have discussed prices first.... ah well it;s all a learning process hey.

Church was supa fabby!! Youth unday and the kiddies did me proud. I also lead Praise and worship and it's the first time I was happy with what I put out, The vocal training is really helping me so much. Both physically and emotionally.
I could really hear myself strong and loud. Obviously, me being me, there were a few things i didnt like but thats me and i'm still in training after all.

I want to do some crafting this week, all the invite making has given me a real mojo boost but I had to get them out of the way first. got a couple cricut cartidges I want to play with and my yummie stash from sat.

I got some scrummie bits.... found a cute kokeshi doll, been longing for a momiji dolly but adj threw a wobly when he saw the price in john lewis!! but when I saw the kokeshi for £4 at a lovely stall I just had to have it. I nearly missed it too as It only caught my eye as I was paying for my bitz, had to leave my case with the staller and run for some cash!!

Got my hands on the fabby tape writter from Around The Block!! It comes with a lovely PINK tape too!!

Picked up some fabby stuff, photos soon....

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My Celebrity Look-alikes

while blog hopping, I fond this cool site!!

So had a go:

Saturday, March 31, 2007


GAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! yes i know i had the commision ages ago.... and yes i knew last week that i HAD to do them by tomo!! BUTTTTTT.................................

.............................. I've been sooooo ickie I havent done them....... soooooo got to do them ALLL today!!
Told mum to call me at 5,7 and 9 to make sure I'm doing them!!


Thursday, March 29, 2007

i'm backkkkk!!!!!

yay!!! back from the gloom that was no internet access!!

had soooooo much to catch up on...... finally got round to catching up here.

still sick and very tired..... got soooo much to do and no energy..... gaaaaahhhh.

made some yummy carrot muffins today. Adj came home and went straight to the kitchen and nabbed one LOL!! the boys love them too.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Happy Birthday ADj!!

My lovely hunnie pie's Birthday today!! Gonna take him out later for a meal.... hmmmmm where to though?
I'm always so indecisive about eating out!! It drives Adj potty!!

Got a few hours to decide..... hmmmmm


Adj told me yesturday that today's "pancake day" and that he wanted pancakes making!!

Today he brought some supplies bless him!! Went to make them and saw that the silly noonoo had BURNT MY FRYING PAN!!! I dont mean just a small section... the thing had chacoal in it!! BAH!!!!! When I first got the thing I told him not to use it because the whole reason I had to buy a new one was because he trashed the old one, he had a right tantrum and told me nothing of the sort had happened nor would happen... hmmmmmmmmm

He tried to clean it but of course he's burnt some of the "non stick" stuff so when I went to cook the pancakes, it was a BIG MESSSSSSSS!!!!

I was sooo vex.... nearly told him that i wouldn't be making any pancakes but had a break, fed kylo and put him down for a nap, then went back in the kitchen to have a think.....

Remembered my Pancake Pan!! The kind that has a little pan and a flat pan hinged together so that you just turn it over to cook the other side!! result!!

Adj had lemon and sugar, Kali maple syrup, jayz had toffee sauce and I had toffee sauce an a bit of naughty squirty cream!! slurp!!

(not bad huh?!)

Right diet starts back next week!!

Monday, February 19, 2007

He's 9!!!

WHHHHAAAAAA!!! I can't believe my little boy is 9!! So he's not really little anymore but he's still MY little boy.

He is such a lovely boy, alright he has his moments but he really is fab.

I have gotten to see that I really don't know him all that well. He is a person in his own right and I really want to get to know him better.

He is such a sensitive soul and I guess he gets misunderstood alot.

I am soooo proud of him and will try and show him more. He has been through so much with me and also helps alot with the little ones, I MUST take some time for it to be just him and me more often.

I let him choose his pressies and he chose a car set (surprise surprise!! LOL) and a walkie talkie set.

His Nan (daddy's mum) came round on sat. and gave him his pressie.. an ipod shuffle!! a cute mini one. I'll help him put some music on it soon.

We went to outback for his birthday dinner and the kiddies were so well behaved. He had his fave meal - junior red pasta!! I ordered Chicken tenders and a jacke potato and gave him some chicken to put with his pasta, he told me i "Just had to taste the red sauce with the chicken" I did and it was delish, heeee.

Will post a piccie soon.


ok here's the piccies as promised :)

Here's the Birthday Boy!!

Our server and her collegues sang to him and gave him a "birthday dog"

Everyone having fun!!!

This photo's just too cute LOL

Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Valentine!!

I decided to treat Adj like my valentines prince!

I gave him the Minibook I made, I snuck it into his pocket in the night with a caramel shortcake.

I got him a Photocard for when he came home, I put a bit of heidi swapp tape down the edge to make it look prettiful!!

I ordered in a pizza meal and we ate it with the boys (stupid shop got the order wrong... and sassed me when I called too!!)

I even had him a little surprise for later... HEEE!!!

Monday, February 12, 2007


well from work that is!!

Silly me tottaly forgot and waltzed into work this evening!!

Was in no mood to go in and was sooo tempted to pull a sickie due to sniffles.... dropped kiddies off, battled through rain and everything!!

night manager looked straight at me and said "you''re on holiday! what you doing here?!

collegues had a right laff!! i joined in tho.

Ah well!!

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Snow Day!!

No school for kali today as his school has isued a "snow day"

He looked out the window and lovd the snow. Jayz woke up and saw the snow and was so excited. " mummy can i go out with the snow, i can wear my hat and my scarf" bless him!!

Adg, borrowed our good friends car for the day as we need to take jayz to the dentist (bleurgh!!) he went to remove the snow, defrost the ice on windscreen etc and I came down to see the snow. I asked him to get me some, he looked at me like i was so weird and laffed at me, saying i'm such a kid LOLOLOL.

I jut had to go out and have a little walk, and took some photo's too. Kali came down wrapped in his blanket to see the snow.

Here's a pic of Adg in the snow:

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Cyber croperific!!

Come and join us at Scrapstars for the cyber crop!!
Some fabby classes up!!

I finally managed to upload my Love Minibook class, what a nightmare uploading my pics to my pc, the silly phone playing up so had to bluetooth to diff phone, upload etc!!

Hubby keeps looking at the pics and the book and i keep trying to hide it as i'm giving it to him for valentines day.

Domino Love!!

I've just started to play with Alchol inks properly. I got a pack of inks and some silver and gold mixatives ages ago, had a little play at the time but i made an ATC and Dominno for a design team entry and I just love, Love, LOVE alchol inks!! Yea, I know i'm late..... but they're fab!!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Nothing more funnier than folk!!

So tuesday at work.... I was thinking that people are sooooo funny, well customers in particular. You can get some really lovely ones, even "regulars" who remember you and greet you so nicely and then you get some right horrors!! Those that seem to come in just to wind you up!!

And all on the same shift!!!

On Tuesday for example, A customer came to my till and asked me if I knew where the foil was, I got off my till and went to the section, there wasn't any so I told her i'd call downstairs to see. I went to the phone, watching incase someone came to my till to pay for their stuff. There was no foil so I went to inform the customer - did she thank me for checking? did she thank me for leaving my till at all??? NO!!! she said "This is the last time I come in here, thats the only thing i came in here for"!!
A few mins later she comes over to my til with a trolley load of goods - bah!!!

Later on I served a lady and when I gave her change she said "And thank you for your lovely smile" really made my shift!!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Winter Baby!!

Yay!!! One of my uks teammates has had a baby boy!! Congrats Marina, I can't wait to see pics xx

Thursday, January 18, 2007



After that post about restarting the year, Dh and the kiddies were involved in a small car accident on Monday.
Hubby and Kali were hurt, Adrie has injury to his arms and knees and Kali has a bump on his head.
I was at work at the time and Adrie called me... He sounded so shaken and like he was in tears, I just had to rush home. My Cuzz came for me and I just hugged Adrie when I saw him. He looked so Sad and distraught.

We went to the Hospital and waited for 3hrs. They were both told to take pain relief and we needed to keep an eye on Kali for any seriousness as he had a head injury. The little blighter wanted to go to school and is in such a mood about it.

Adrie is so down, I talked to him about it and he says that he wishes he was on his own as the kids were so frightened. He says Kali was in shock and was screaming and saying " tell me its a dream daddy, tell me it didnt happen" poor love.

I am so gratefull that they are ok and I have them safe.

The car is badly damaged, the bumper is smashed, the air bags on the drivers side made a big mess of the dashboard.
The garage are taking it in tomorrow so hopefully they'll give us a courteousy car.

Monday, January 15, 2007

New Start

SOooo... this year has only just started but I already want to start again!! So I'll leave all the stuff that happened before right NOW and start...... NOW!!!

I want to start off by saying I WILL work at my sininging, my career, my Family life..... I want to become the person God wants me to be.... not the person I am.

Oh and I WILL work on my weight but also make sure my weight doesnt determine how I think. feel. live!!

Friday, January 5, 2007

One Little Word

A lovely scrapper directed me to Ali Edwards "One Little Word" thingy that she'd read in her

"one little word
A single word can be a powerful thing. It can be the ripple in the pond that changes everything. It can be sharp and biting or rich and soft and slow.
Last fall in
issue two of this newsletter I wrote about the power of words and gave my top ten tips for getting those words down when you are scrapbooking. Today I want to introduce you to the idea that a single word can be a catalyst for enriching your life as well as your scrapbook layouts.
Last year I began a tradition of chosing one word for myself each January - a word that I can focus on, mediate on, and reflect upon as I go about my daily life. Last year my word was something I wanted to bring into my life in a more tangible way. My word was play.
I thought a lot about play and what it means to me. I tried to incorporate it more into my everyday and on my adventures out in the crazy world. For me, it was a lot about living without fear - about being more open to experiences with an attitude of playfulness. The word play found its way onto many scrapbook pages and into many stories I told throughout the year.
Can you identify a single word that sums up what you want for yourself in 2007?
It can be something tangible or intangible. It could be a thought or a feeling or an emotion. It can be singular or plural. The key is to find something that has personal meaning for you. This is not your mother's word or your spouse's word or your child's word - this is YOUR word.
One little word can have big meaning in your life if you allow yourself to be open to the possibilities. And here's one thing that is totally interesting: sometimes a word will pop into your brain and it will not make any sense to you right now. Give it some time. Let it percolate a bit. I have often found that our hearts speak to us in very unique ways. Maybe this is a word you need to hear but just aren't ready for it yet. Again, be open to the possibilities.You may be wondering, what in the heck does this all have to do with scrapbooking? For me, words are at the heart of what I do. The photos are a huge part, but the words bring it all home. Often times I will begin a layout with a single word. That word becomes my guide as I create my page. It helps me focus the story I am trying to tell and gives me an instant, easy graphic title approach. How often has a word directed your creativity when working on layouts?"

I am tottaly up for this!!!

After thinking a while, the word I came up with is PRETTY.
I have the most damaging self image of myself and very low self esteem. I am absolutely tired of hating myself and being my worse enemy.
I'm determined that this year, I'll shake all the negativity and bad thoughts and with the Help of God I know I can do it.

I WILL use the word pretty to describe myself.

I love pretty things - charms, glitter, little trinklets, bracelets, sweet embelies...... PRIMA's LOLOLO .... Pens, pretty notebooks, bags.....and love to look at them, I want to love to look at myself also.

SOoooooo my word for the year is PRETTY.

All go at Work!!

Soooooo...... at work on wednesday was maaad busy and as usual we were short staffed. I was the only person on the shop floor as everyone was on tills. I jumped on a back till to let the poor warehouse guy go, he had jumped on the till so a collegue could go to break. The line/duty mahager was on a till too bless him.
Mark(the manager) asked someone to take me off and asked me to look after the store for him while he nipped down for asandwhich, poor love hadn't eaten all day..... told him off and ordered him to eat something more filling than a sarnie!

I went to front of store after i had helped a few customers and directed some customers in line to pay in the bakery as the queues in the main store were waaay long, I followed them just to make sure and saw that there was no one in there to serve them, I told them i'd serve them since I sent them there in the first place and went behind the till.
As I was ringing up their purchasers, another couple came "nevermind" I thought to myself and continued serving.

Another person came but I told them I was closing. I really needed to get of the till so I could watch the store and start a team up to take date expired goods off shelves.
I saw an elderly woman, I recognised her as a regular, standing with her trolley eating something from the bakery. Another lady came in to pay and I told her I was closing, She had a heavy basket and I felt bad for her so told her to come over and I ringed up her purchases.
The elderly lady pushed her trolley over and I told her I was closing. I asked if there was still queues in the main bit of the store, she said yes so I said I'd serve her.... Thank God I did cos she didnt look well at all. She told me she felt hyperglycemic.....or however you spell it LOL, and had to eat a donut, she gave me the empty bag. I told her no probs., I looked closer and the poor love was shaking. I asked her if she felt ok and she said "No"

"you dont look well at all" I told her and asked her if she wanted to sit down. I told my collegue who had come in to ask me to sign onto some hand held terminals, to get a chair for the lady.
I asked her if she would like a cup of tea, and told him to get someone to make her one in the catering unit.
The lady, I'll call her Ms Nice from nnow on, was really shaky and said she was gonna eat some of the dried apricots she purchased, I came round from the till and gave them to her, she told me she was slightly diabetc and hadn't eaten. I told her she really musnt do that and that it was important to eat regularily when you're diabetic or her blood sugar would be affected.

I took the tea from collegue and put milk in it for her, stired it and removed the tea bag.
I asked her if she had anything in her bag that she could eat. I found some biscuits and she said she'd eat one so I oppened it for her.
She started to feel better and I asked if there was anyone I could call for her.
She said she was gonna drive home and that she was gonna go and have a meal at "Toffs" - a fab well known fish shop.
The little poppet didnt want to bother anyone and kept appologising for keeping me from my work.
I told her not to be silly and kept talking to her to see if she was ok.

I worked aroun the bakery area so I could keep an eye on her and still get some stuff done.
She looked much better and said she felt better. I told her I was still going to call a first aider as I wanted to make sure she was ok. I arranged for someone to take aisie of the back till so she could come to the bakery.
When Aise came I told her what happend, Ms Nice started to get really upset and said she was so angry with herself, we told her not to worry and to relax. She really didnt want to be a bother. She didnt want her details entered into the accident book because she didnt want any fuss, I told her she deserved to be fussed over, and that I was sure she had fussed over others and it was her turn she laffed and was much more cheery.

In the end, Ms Nice said she was ok to go and that she was off to toffs, I told her that once she had sat down and eaten hopefully she'd feel much better. she was gonna walk over but her bags were heavy and it was raining I told her to let One of the warehouse guys to walk over with her. At first she said "No" as she wanted no fuss but she went to pick up the bags and felt how heavy they were. "What are you like!!" I asked her and she laffed and said "terrible" LOLOLOL.
I asked her how often she got an offer of a lovely young man to escort her to her car and carry her bags... she laffed again and accepted the offer.

I'm sooooooo pleased that I served those customers now as I would hate to think what might have happened,

I'm gonna follow it up and make sure someone called her to see if she was ok.