Monday, October 16, 2006


On Thursday, I was "Introduced" to the most dynamic, awesome choir I've seen for a long time!!

Tye Tribbett and GA!!

They are abs fantastic!! They have enlightened a fire in me and I just want to continue my singing even more!! I want to stop holding back and give it my all!!

My cuz and I are desperately longing for the DVD to come into the store!! It's sold out everywhere so she ordered it for us. It should be here on Friday and I cant wait.

I was privaliged to have been loaned a copy for a couple of days and I had the dvd on all night.

I miss it and cant wait till i get mine.

What a weekend!!

I've had such a fantastic weekend!! Very hectic but great.
It started from thursday all the way thru to Sunday evening.

Thurs after choir practice, I had a real bondin experience with two close friends and my cuz. I was still on a high the next two days.

Friday was my good friend Sophie's B'day meal and we had a brill time dancing in the winebar.

Saturday was the day of a concert that my church mum put on, I was a co-ordinator with my cuz and we worked hard but had fun too. I had great enjoyment playing around... erm make that testing out LOLOL the walkie talkies. Before we got started.
The concert was fantastic and the artists were awesome. God was deff in the house and a young lady gave her heart to Him!!

Sunday was fantastic. It was youth service in the evening, I had a programme to run with but I just couldnt go through with it!! The Holy Spirit had other ideas and I just had to praise Him. The whole church was praising and our visiting Bishop prayed and ministered to the congregration and the young people too.
The theme was Comming back to your first love and without even a scripture read or a topic given God had us all exactly on track!!

Friday, October 6, 2006

Such a long time!!

Haven't posted in such a loooong time!! I have been so busy and work is a stress!! I am quite frustrated there and am being victimised a bit. I think i will complain to reginal personel actually as I've had about enough!!

Kylo has sniffles again, bless him and is quite clingy. he had a horible couple of nights and I hope he has a good sleep tonight.