Friday, December 21, 2007

Just caching up!! I made loads of cards for Christmas with some yummie magnolia stamps but completely forgot to take photo's of them!! I took pics of the last 6 but not great so will have to take picture in daylight.

shopping and running around to do..... Was in the car with adj and the kiddies today when I had one of Those thoughts.... all the hustle and bustle.... people being soooo bad tempered and rushing around... for the time of year when peace came to all mankind, it was not very peaceful at all out there! I think i'll try and be more peaceful myself as it's soooo easy to get caught up with all of he hype and stress.

MIL is doing well, just got court stuff next..... dont know how that's gonna be. How will i be able to look at the brute without reacting? What will the courtroom be like? what lies will we have to listen to? will his solicitor be very harsh with MIL and elbel?? will there be journo's around??

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