Tuesday, July 8, 2008

humph!! bad blogger!!

Bah!! cant keep up ... every time i say i must update... something else comes up and when i have a chance, I cant remember what I was meant to update with.

I seem to remember promising someone for some up to date piccies of the boys but cant remember who!! will do that soon. In the mean time here's some of the stuff I've been getting up to

Baking for the fam.

Baking and preparing treats for the carnival stall last month.

Going to Kylo's playdates:

finding yummie stash!!

Oh and entertaining our fabby friends last week(thanks for coming over J & M)!! Was abs fab.... had a long day cleaning and tidying... cooking and baking... was fun!
We all had a great night eating, talking and playing games. The kids (ours and theirs) had fun too.


Ali said...

Hi flower!
Hope all is well with you.


Anonymous said...

wow it does look all very yummy with all your baking, and I love pink too !!

Thanks for popping by.

Carole xx