Friday, January 5, 2007

All go at Work!!

Soooooo...... at work on wednesday was maaad busy and as usual we were short staffed. I was the only person on the shop floor as everyone was on tills. I jumped on a back till to let the poor warehouse guy go, he had jumped on the till so a collegue could go to break. The line/duty mahager was on a till too bless him.
Mark(the manager) asked someone to take me off and asked me to look after the store for him while he nipped down for asandwhich, poor love hadn't eaten all day..... told him off and ordered him to eat something more filling than a sarnie!

I went to front of store after i had helped a few customers and directed some customers in line to pay in the bakery as the queues in the main store were waaay long, I followed them just to make sure and saw that there was no one in there to serve them, I told them i'd serve them since I sent them there in the first place and went behind the till.
As I was ringing up their purchasers, another couple came "nevermind" I thought to myself and continued serving.

Another person came but I told them I was closing. I really needed to get of the till so I could watch the store and start a team up to take date expired goods off shelves.
I saw an elderly woman, I recognised her as a regular, standing with her trolley eating something from the bakery. Another lady came in to pay and I told her I was closing, She had a heavy basket and I felt bad for her so told her to come over and I ringed up her purchases.
The elderly lady pushed her trolley over and I told her I was closing. I asked if there was still queues in the main bit of the store, she said yes so I said I'd serve her.... Thank God I did cos she didnt look well at all. She told me she felt hyperglycemic.....or however you spell it LOL, and had to eat a donut, she gave me the empty bag. I told her no probs., I looked closer and the poor love was shaking. I asked her if she felt ok and she said "No"

"you dont look well at all" I told her and asked her if she wanted to sit down. I told my collegue who had come in to ask me to sign onto some hand held terminals, to get a chair for the lady.
I asked her if she would like a cup of tea, and told him to get someone to make her one in the catering unit.
The lady, I'll call her Ms Nice from nnow on, was really shaky and said she was gonna eat some of the dried apricots she purchased, I came round from the till and gave them to her, she told me she was slightly diabetc and hadn't eaten. I told her she really musnt do that and that it was important to eat regularily when you're diabetic or her blood sugar would be affected.

I took the tea from collegue and put milk in it for her, stired it and removed the tea bag.
I asked her if she had anything in her bag that she could eat. I found some biscuits and she said she'd eat one so I oppened it for her.
She started to feel better and I asked if there was anyone I could call for her.
She said she was gonna drive home and that she was gonna go and have a meal at "Toffs" - a fab well known fish shop.
The little poppet didnt want to bother anyone and kept appologising for keeping me from my work.
I told her not to be silly and kept talking to her to see if she was ok.

I worked aroun the bakery area so I could keep an eye on her and still get some stuff done.
She looked much better and said she felt better. I told her I was still going to call a first aider as I wanted to make sure she was ok. I arranged for someone to take aisie of the back till so she could come to the bakery.
When Aise came I told her what happend, Ms Nice started to get really upset and said she was so angry with herself, we told her not to worry and to relax. She really didnt want to be a bother. She didnt want her details entered into the accident book because she didnt want any fuss, I told her she deserved to be fussed over, and that I was sure she had fussed over others and it was her turn she laffed and was much more cheery.

In the end, Ms Nice said she was ok to go and that she was off to toffs, I told her that once she had sat down and eaten hopefully she'd feel much better. she was gonna walk over but her bags were heavy and it was raining I told her to let One of the warehouse guys to walk over with her. At first she said "No" as she wanted no fuss but she went to pick up the bags and felt how heavy they were. "What are you like!!" I asked her and she laffed and said "terrible" LOLOLOL.
I asked her how often she got an offer of a lovely young man to escort her to her car and carry her bags... she laffed again and accepted the offer.

I'm sooooooo pleased that I served those customers now as I would hate to think what might have happened,

I'm gonna follow it up and make sure someone called her to see if she was ok.

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Eleni said...

Hello and Happy new Year!!! YOu are such a sweetheart to have helped this lady ... :) It's so nice to have found you!!