Thursday, January 18, 2007



After that post about restarting the year, Dh and the kiddies were involved in a small car accident on Monday.
Hubby and Kali were hurt, Adrie has injury to his arms and knees and Kali has a bump on his head.
I was at work at the time and Adrie called me... He sounded so shaken and like he was in tears, I just had to rush home. My Cuzz came for me and I just hugged Adrie when I saw him. He looked so Sad and distraught.

We went to the Hospital and waited for 3hrs. They were both told to take pain relief and we needed to keep an eye on Kali for any seriousness as he had a head injury. The little blighter wanted to go to school and is in such a mood about it.

Adrie is so down, I talked to him about it and he says that he wishes he was on his own as the kids were so frightened. He says Kali was in shock and was screaming and saying " tell me its a dream daddy, tell me it didnt happen" poor love.

I am so gratefull that they are ok and I have them safe.

The car is badly damaged, the bumper is smashed, the air bags on the drivers side made a big mess of the dashboard.
The garage are taking it in tomorrow so hopefully they'll give us a courteousy car.


Scrap Stars said...

Hunny bee - I hope you DH & the kids are fine after the crash! Give them all a huge hug for me!

Love & Hugs

Faye xxx

Beth said...

Thinking of you lovely, hope they are all feeling better. It's a big shock for lil uns, but with reassurance and your love, they'll be super duper. Take care, Beth XX