Monday, April 23, 2007

Oh Baby!!

Had My scan today!!
Saw my little bubble on the screen!! how exciting was it?? Very!!!

Jayz and Kylo were with me and they were so good! Jayz sat in the chair all nice and quiet like. He couldnt see so i told him to come over and have a closer look. Kylo kepp saying "bab-ee" LOLOL

the hosp has this new pager system, the pager goes off when it's your turn to go to the scan room. not only is it fab, but it was great for me as jayz was playing with one of those bead wire things and insead of having to persuade him that going down a boring corridor would be better than staying and playing but with the pager I was like "oooo, look jayz, the pager's going off... look!! we need to go now" and I let him hold it. It kept going off in his hand and the lights were flashing, he loved it.


Alexandra McNicol said...

Thats fab! I loved having scans when I was pregnant and seeing the baby. I took my little boy when I went for a scan when pregnant with my daughter - he didn't seem that interested! ha ha!

Peechy said...

lol!! kids huh.