Friday, May 11, 2007

In The Club....

..... The lovely anso got me all excited about the fabby flavor of the month kits when i was lurking on her blog las month.
She had photos of the April kits on there and I hurried off to have a look at the website. I was instantly hooked LOLOLOL!!

The kit is put together by a wonderful lady called Tammy and I can even pay by paypal which is supa fab for me.

My April kit came but not the stamps as they sold out, hopefully they'll be ready when my may kit comes. Cant wait till may comes although i havent even tucked into the April one.... someone kick me into shape LOLOLOL.

Got some mountboard the other day, really want to have a go at a jacobs ladder.

Still feeling really yucky, can wait to feel better.
Threw up all the lucazade at the midwife booking in visit on Tuesday. It was for the glucose test. I was trying to drink it quickly as the blood had to be collected an hour later. got half way and it all came back up!! had to run to the toilet was soooooo embarassing and so upsetting. midwife was a real doll, i tried to clean what i could but with no cleaning supplies i couldnt get it all. Poor janiter had to do it, she said it was ok bu i reall felt bad for her. I mean who wans to clean up sick??!!
I just know they're gonna want me to take the glucose load test but i really dont want to put myself through it. I mean i had one each time and no probs, had one with Kylo and not a prob detected. I have decided to decline it unless they find sugar or something.


Sam said...

Oh you poor thing. I remember the dreaded Lucozade test with my youngest one. I hated it.
Eagerly awaiting my Scrap Room kit here as well.


Peechy said...

i know! totaly yuck.