Monday, June 11, 2007

Die Cut Frenzy!

went to greenford today - phoned on sat and they were putting their stuff out on Sunday so didnt bother going down then.
waaaaay tired now gonna have a sleep before Big Brother comes on.

Picked up soe fabby sizzix and ellison goodies!!

Adj came to get me, the sweetie pie. Good thing too as i dont know how we would have got back. All those stairs to get to the platforms, i think i would have got busses back and that would have taken 3hrs!! The things I do for stash!! my feet are swollen but i'm a happy die cuting bunny!!


Patsy Jackson said...

Peechy - fab blog and fab cards! Congrats on your little bubba - hopefully you might get a use for your pink stash after all!! lol!

All the best and thanks for your comment on my blog :)

Peechy said...

lol!! deff boy page overload here.