Friday, June 29, 2007

So near yet SOOOooooo far!!

Had my 2nd scan yesturday, Adj was able to come along this time as it was his holiday week. We got there with 10 minutes to spare - i learnt my lesson after being late last ime LOL.
We ended up waiting ages anyway - cant win can i??!!

We Had a Male Scanner(cant remember the fancy name) first time i've had a male one. There was a student there who conducted the scan, the senior(male) scanner wen to get her a coffee and she started the scan.
I was so surprised when she asked me if I wanted to know the baby's gender, I thought the hosp policy was not to tell, it seems like the policy has changed so I said "yes, write it down as He (hubby) doesn't want to know, but I do"
Adj sat upright and said "what?? NO!! we dont want to know" which led to me saying yes i do and him saying no we dont!!
Poor lass just looked amused.

Anyway... she decided to go with Adj and said she wouldnt say if she could see..... BAH
She asked how many kids i already have and I tell her 3, I tell her that kali is at school and really wanted to be at the scan and she says we'll have to get a nice pic for him.

She was doing the scan pointing out the bits and jayz was so excited looking at the screen. Kylo was worried that the scan wand was hurting me but loved seeing the baby on the screen.

She got a still image and asked if it was ok... looked very blob like so i asked for another, which she sent to the printer.
Then she started frowing and then put the bed lower and sais "Look... that doesnt look right...." so now i start to worry a little, what doesn't look right??? She called the senior over who said "mmmmm...." what does mmm mean i wanna shout...
Adj sits upright and starts peering at the screen, avoiding my eyes....
then the student says "it looks like it's hanging off..." I really wan to jump up then and ask whats hanging off... whats going on??!! But i lay still remembering that they have to have me lying down in order to see whats wrong.
He took over which made me a little more worried and I start to pray.
Lots of prodding and pushinh and ummming and mmmmming and then He says the words I want to hear - "No that's fine...." and starts to call out measurements and organs for the student to enter into the computer.

He then got a still image to print off and said "everythings fine"
"everything?" I ask... i want to get confirmation
"yes... everything we've seen today is fine"
"Is the placenta high up?" I ask, remembering with ds2 that the placenta was lying low for so long they thought i may need a csearean and i had a few scans to check.
"Yes the placenta's well out of the way" he say's smilling.

PHEW!! so after that I guess not knowing the gender is so trivial and I should be very happy that the scan didnt show up any serious probs!!

I'll put up the scan pics tomo.

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Monika said...

Oh will be reading what happens with you. I am trying for one now. This will be number three. I am so excited for you. :)