Saturday, November 3, 2007

What a night!!

**look away if talk of breast feeding aint your thing!!**

Poor bubble!! he had such a rough night. the formula doesnt agree with him at all!!
he was sick and groaney from 3am and didnt want to lie down. I had to sleep with him upright on my chest, my hips and legs finally said no more. He had another feed at 9.30ish and was sick again... he looked so sad but no fever, also the milk was undigested so....i called GP.... what dya know?? they were closed!!! BAH!!!
phoned m/wife and she basicaly told me br/milk with co-codamol was better for him than formula :o(
Gave him a br/feed at 10.30ish and he slept fine and no sick!! finally got to lie him down. poor love.
sooooooo, no more formula..... dh not to happy as he loved being able to feed him so i will express.
I had to dig out the old pump while formula feeding as it got so painful and i didnt want milk to stop!! i expressed a whole bottle at a time!! never managed that before!! hopefully it will continue like this.

wonder if there's such thing as "gentle" formula?

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Anthea said...

Hey Peechy!

He looks soooo cute! Sorry to hear you've had problems with the little man... although I must say that my DD had similar trouble with formula. I tried it two or three times and found it to me more trouble than it was worth!! So I stuck to breastfeeding too. Keep your chin up gal, it'll all come right in the end!

Remember He loves you too!