Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Thank God for Codeine!!

Been in so much pain last few days been using just paracetamol which really didn't touch the pain. Wonderful midwife came today and told me to ge on to my gp and get stronger meds being asthmatic there's not much I can take she told me i could take codeine.
Didnt get to call gp but called Morrisons pharmacy and they had some co-codymol!! took some at about 9pm and wow!! I feel so much better, not totaly painfree but soooo much better.
Only thing is while taking these i cant breastfeed so bubble gets a bottle and mummy has less pain.

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Pauline said...

Glad you've found something that will help! Just wanted to mention though that you might be ok breastfeeding with the co-codamol - I had them prescribed after both dds and was breastfeeding both times. Not sure though if guidelines have changed in the past few years though (things changed from when I had dd1 to dd2 which was only 18mths so anything's possible!) Oh and happy anniversary for yesterday!