Monday, June 30, 2008

Daring Bakers!!

Found the brill Daring Bakers while flikr and blog hopping in may and just had to join!

June's Challenge, hosted by Kelly and Ben was a Danish Braid, what a challenge!! First time i made pastry and reading the instructions had me nervous!!
It was soooo much fun tho and i will deff make it again. Adj loved it and was so impressed... gotta admit I was impressed too.

made the yummy apple filling and what a treat!

look at the scrumminess of pastry and caramelised apple!!

Hmmmm.... how many WW points in a slice???

*edit* Forgot to add,

I used 1/2 the recipie and made one plait, changed small bit of dough recipie (orange juice as am allergic to citrus fruits esp oranges, used a little syrup and water for the liquid, no cardomon so used some permento instead - my spice of the month:) )used the apple filling but added extra spices.!*edit*
The pastry making has really given me the confidence to try new things which is one of the reasons I joined DB.... watch this space.

Thanks for the challenge hunnies!


Cynthia's Blog said...

I gained six pounds at my weigh in. I shouldn't have eaten the whole thing. Lovely job.

Lorrie said...

yum! looks great!

Patti said...

Pretty braid. Thanks for sharing.

Tartelette said...

Welcome to the DBs! You got the spirit allright..."there should be no dough unturned"... :)
Great job!

breadchick said...

Congrats on the success of your 1st DB Challenge. Welcome!!

silverrock said...

Mmmm... the braid looks fantastic. Congrats on your first DB challenge! Don't you just love baking in groups :)

Marika said...

This was one awesome challenge - and your braid looks delicious!! --madcap cupcake

Jen Yu said...

Yum, that looks awesome. Great job on your braid and first DB challenge! Welcome!

Claire said...

Wonderful job!

Lunch Buckets said...

Welcome to the group :