Monday, June 23, 2008


Trial was last week, what a sureal week it was too. Just getting back into the loop of things. Plus internet and phone was up the creek!!

Anyway.... It was a hard week for all. Listening to all the evidence... hearing all the details about that night Seeing the brute in the dock and hearing his lies and rubbish....

The Jury found him GUILTY of GBH with intent!! Whooohoooo!!!

sentencing will be in 4-6weeks and we will go to see how long the Judge decides.

Journalist who wrote article before the trial is in contempt of court as there was an order made and will have to face judge.... goes to show you cant just do what you want without regard for anyone else!!

So we are happy with the verdict. We can continue to get on with the healing and practical stuff without the worry/stress of trial looming.

I feel so odd tho, like it's over but it's not.....

I really had to rely on God last week and prayed so much.... He truly is able.
The defence lawyer tried to get the 3 counts dropped!! can you believe it???

Thanks again to all you who have supported me and our family (should that be my family and I??) throughout this terrible ordeal. I know you will continue to do so xxx


Susy Rudy said...

Peechy, I have followed your story since I first heard it and am delighted that the jury saw sense. I hope that once the sentence has been passed, you and all your family, especially MIL, will have some peace to get on with your lives.

I wish you all much love, happiness, health and everything you all wish for - you truly deserve it.


So glad justice is being done!!