Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Church Anniversry!!

Today is the anniv of our church ministry!!

We had a fabby day, a wonderful service and then a meal in the church and then a brill evening service. So good am on a HG High!! LOL

We're all due to go to the park tomo for a bbq, should be great if rain stays away.

Thinking alot about my church life and God has really been working things out for me. I just want him to use me more and now I must make myself available to him

Singing on Praise and Worship has really opened up my vocals and has helped me to stop hiding behind others and away from the mic. Today I could really hear myself and instead of shying away I just sang out all the more. I want to increase my singing abilities and really want God to annoint me and I want to excell more.

Singing in the Choir has also helped alot and I love it. I pray that God will continue to use me to minster to others and to minister to me too!!

I have started again with the devotions for the choir whic I had dropped off for a while.

God Is Good!!!!

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