Friday, May 26, 2006


Poor Jayz has the terrible sniffles. started in his nose but now his poor little chest sounds all wheezy bless him.

He's Lying on Daddy right now and I can hear his breathing all foggy. Daddy is supposed to be watching tv but is snoozzing, I can see his head bobbing and he keeps waking uo and peering at the tv LOL.

Might tell him to go up to bed the poppet.

I haven't played the sims for absolutely ages, they must think I've given up on them.

Got a few things that I need to do project wise. I have a special 8x8 page, a cj and a doll cj. I also must finish my last coaster for the altered coaster swap.
oh and I have to finish of the little mini book to go in a tin I made for my mentee at church.

will do most of that tomo, no energy right now. got some erands to do in morn whilst hubby is at home then I'll get as much crafting done that I can get when the two boys let me!! Kali STILL in Florida I miss him teribly(so teribly cant even spell it right)

hmmm hubby's called it a day and gone to bed, he kindly took the two boys with him.

right gonna check emails and a few things on here then I'm off to rest.... ahhh just remembered the apprentice Martha stewart is on!! bahhhhh..... will have to watch it at 3now..... another late one I think.

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