Saturday, May 20, 2006

Missing You

My sweet big boy is waaaaayyyy accross the world in Florida having a grand old time. He's gone to DisneyWorld and is loving it. I am sooooo missing him it's untrue. His nan nan(paternal) has taken him and they called this morning(friday) he sounded so grown up and had lots to tell me even tho he only went on tuesday.

I had to make my voice perky so he didn't ask me if I was missing him. Baba is missing him too, he's all grizzly and whenever I mention Kali he looks around for him, bless his cotton socks.

Jayz is missing him too, keeps asking for him and saying "kalkal gone on aeyoplane" and then " I wanna go on aeyoplane too" so sweet.

Ah well he'll be home sooner than I kno it and will be full of tales to keep me entertained.

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