Saturday, July 22, 2006


Went to an expo today and spent obcene amount of money, in a small amount of time and considering it wasn't that big a show... am thorougly ashamed with myself... pleased with me bitz tho LOL!!

Met Sarah in person, she's such a sweetie, her family are so great!! made an atc on her stand and had a good natter, and got some yummy paper, atc kit and doodlebug kits too!!

cleared some bitz from the lovely Orlando he had some fab alpha stamps at half price so i got two packs.... well it would be rude not too haaaaaa!! got a few other stuff and also some brads i wanted!!

Visited a stall where the holders came all the way from US, great stuff and will be visiting their site.

I also came across a fab company i met at ally pally, I am designing some cards for them and i lost their details so am well pleased they were there. Picked up some cute girly stamps.

I got a few more bitz from the various stalls and a pack of pay-per-box card. The lovely chap didn't take card so he offered to let me send a cheque to him, what a sweetie.

My feet are aching but my back pack is full!!

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