Tuesday, July 11, 2006

soon to be out of my overdraft!!!

soooo.... Finaly getting out of my overdraft, Had a review of my account after an embarrasing phone call where I bawled down the phone to a customer care manager after a rude so and so wound me up and then hung up on me!!

I felt like such a goon for crying on the phone, the poor bloke said he'd phone back later lololol. He called me back the next day and gave me some brill advice. He also told me i should try to get a consilidation(sp) loan, I told him i'd been turned down before but he said that was prob for a personal loan and that I should make sure they knew what type I wanted.

Lovely lady called me today(monday) and I was declined!! She said she'd call me back after she had a look at some figures. She came back with good news!! I could have it and also get some money to spend - I had been afraid that if they only lent me a small amount, I wouldn't be able to have access to the money that had just gone in.
She said the only way I'd have it waas if I agreed for my overdraft to be taken away, at first I didn't want that as I have used it as a crutch for so long, butr thinking about it I think it's for the best, this way i can make sure i dont get in this mess again.
I can always apply for one at a later date.

Paper work will come in next couple of days, sooooo.... pray it all goes through I feel much better already. I need to get ontop of my finaces.

Had good day at work although some customers really wound me up!!

Got to work early as I wanted to have a meal and rest but we were so short staffed, work mate begged me to start early!!

Well meant to be in bed already.... got alot on tomo.

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