Thursday, November 23, 2006

Prompt 5

Prompt 5: Sun 19th NovDreamsLast week we took as our theme "Preparation", this week, we're going to use "anticipation" as a theme. Christmas is about the birth of a baby & God wants us to be excited! How did you feel about a birth in the family? What were you most excited about? What did you anticipate? How did you feel? How do you think Mary felt as she anticipated the birth of Jesus?Father God, The birth of a baby is a time for rejoicing, for excitement and for celebration. Fill our hearts with joy as we anticipate once again the arrival of Your son. Help us to remember that You came to this world in the most vulnerable way - not as a king but as a tiny, innocent baby. Amen

When I had my last baby I was soooo aprehensive and anxious as I knew it would be very painful. I wanted to make sure I was prepared and that I had all my stuff ready for myself and baby.

I can just imagine how Mary must have been feeling. She was far from home... traveling.... no room anywhere and the contractions comming quick and fast.
Ontop of all that, she knew that she was carrying the saviour !! WOW!!!

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