Friday, July 6, 2007

Sleep?? WHat's that??!!

ARRRgggghhh!!!! Just look at the time, 5:20am!! Have I been to bed yet?? NO!!
Back to the "No sleep" Frustration.

Since I couldnt sleep i watched shows i had to watch and then some recorded craft shows and then thought... why dont i make a jacobs ladder usefor DH's grandma?? Why not indeed....

Soooooo, I had to cut down the massive A1 boards and then trim them, Clicked the video over at craft tv and realised i needed 12 boards so cut more but the first cuts made my x-cut all jagedy so I had to pull out the craft knife... then I had the bright idea of inking not only the edges but also the boards..... hmmmm not good cos the ink started to look patchy so i thought i'd use diff colours for every 2 boards.... hmmmm all higeldy pigeldy so i thought i'd use plain navy paper to unify them and use park pictures as well as the duck pictures i'd planned to so the diff colours could well work.

Went to print out the extra photos, does my printer want to play nice?? NO!!!

Well i'v done the ladder now had a sneaky try of it.... not smart... obviously the glues not dry so.. erm... well lets just say the ribbon's loose in places.

will see if the printer is my friend later on this afternoon and add photos and flat embellies then.

I can hear DH getting up for work so will log off and go to bed..... bet he lectures me.... deserve it tho, just got to sweet talk him into carrying jayz up fpr me, the little button snuk down to stay with me and fell asleep on the sofa hours ago....

Wonder if sleep will come.... wont be long before kylo wakes up now...

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