Sunday, April 16, 2006

Post Office adventure!

Trust me to forget to write up the cert. of posting forms before I got to the p/o!! I got there 7mins before they closed and all was going well, not a queue whatsoever!! Paid for a jiffy bag to send an easter package and went to give my baby page packages out only to realise i didn't do it at home! Not only that but the certs they had only had space for 3 names, unlike the ones I have at home that carries on at the back.
Soooo went about filling in all the addresses. of course i had to take all the packages out of the bags to see the addy's LOL.
The poor loves locked the doors and the cleaner started cleaning and there I am writting down the addy's as fast as my pen could write.
Well..... i'll remember for the tag swaps when it comes to send them off, i've even got some certs here, think i'll fill them in in advance just so 'm ready.

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