Thursday, April 20, 2006

New Member to my Prima Family......

Soooooo...... I couldn't resist the pretty bottle of prima's calling me from their shelf!!

I was in lakeland limited today and moments after i stepped in , the lights went out!! there were a few small lights on but the main ones were out. The tills were still working, so not to be dettered, i carried ds2 and his buggy up the stairs to have a look at the craft bits. I looked around and saw a few "must-haves" put them in buggy hood and turned around..... there glistening in the dark were a row of primas!! all the same as LL sell only one type and despite the fact that i had said from home that i wouldn't get that bottle as i had those types of colours , the glistening dragged me over and all to soon, the bottle was in my hand!
The cold hard glass felt so at home in my hand and when i looked at the bottle i saw that there were diff sizes in there.... well I just had to then didn't I??
In it went into the buggy hood!! By now it was getting full, so i transfered the goodies into the trolley dh had got.... not for me to fill up I may add, but rather for ds3 to have a ride in LOL!!

Well here's a pic of our newest addition to my prima fam. I'll take a more personal one at a later date :o)

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