Thursday, April 13, 2006

Swaps all packed up.....

.... and ready to go!!

P/O shuts early on a thurs!! bah........
have to wait till sat now as tomoro is a bank holiday.

Hate letting down the girls, they've been sooo good.


mandy said...

The ladies are going to love you at the post office!!

Love your ode to Primas, something we definetly have in common, I have far too many little glass bottles, they are gorgeous though, even my 2 year old knows what a Prima flower is!!

Jackie said...

you are hilarious! Loving your ode to primas LOL.

Ok so in truth how many do you have?

Jak x

Peechy said...

mandy - my local p/o thinks i'm hilarious!! the other day he asked me why i put dst on the back of the stamps and i told him i dont like licking the stamps. he said "you could borrow this" and showed me that sponge thingy.... didn't i blush, he must have wanted to ask me that for ages.

my ds2(also 2) loves my primas too!!

jackie!! heeee heeee not telling!!