Friday, June 30, 2006

My Bag...My Life!!

I cant believe how have my bag lost can affect me soooo much!!

I had all my bits in there and it's frustrating to have to cancel cards and all that stuff but all the private stuff, the stuff that you carry around all the time, gone.... riffled thru... makes me quite sad.

I had pics and videos on my phone of my lovely kiddies and dh and i just hate the thought of someone looking thru them.

I have called the phone insurance people and they've told me i need to get a loss number or something another from the police.

I called the bank about my chequebook and told them i had written a cheque on the thursday/friday and to cancell cheques after that date, the stupid so and so's decided to return a cheque and now the company have charged me £25!! I'm not happy and will be onto the bank tomorow!!

Right.... deff going to bed now!!

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