Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Adj told me yesturday that today's "pancake day" and that he wanted pancakes making!!

Today he brought some supplies bless him!! Went to make them and saw that the silly noonoo had BURNT MY FRYING PAN!!! I dont mean just a small section... the thing had chacoal in it!! BAH!!!!! When I first got the thing I told him not to use it because the whole reason I had to buy a new one was because he trashed the old one, he had a right tantrum and told me nothing of the sort had happened nor would happen... hmmmmmmmmm

He tried to clean it but of course he's burnt some of the "non stick" stuff so when I went to cook the pancakes, it was a BIG MESSSSSSSS!!!!

I was sooo vex.... nearly told him that i wouldn't be making any pancakes but had a break, fed kylo and put him down for a nap, then went back in the kitchen to have a think.....

Remembered my Pancake Pan!! The kind that has a little pan and a flat pan hinged together so that you just turn it over to cook the other side!! result!!

Adj had lemon and sugar, Kali maple syrup, jayz had toffee sauce and I had toffee sauce an a bit of naughty squirty cream!! slurp!!

(not bad huh?!)

Right diet starts back next week!!

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