Thursday, February 1, 2007

Nothing more funnier than folk!!

So tuesday at work.... I was thinking that people are sooooo funny, well customers in particular. You can get some really lovely ones, even "regulars" who remember you and greet you so nicely and then you get some right horrors!! Those that seem to come in just to wind you up!!

And all on the same shift!!!

On Tuesday for example, A customer came to my till and asked me if I knew where the foil was, I got off my till and went to the section, there wasn't any so I told her i'd call downstairs to see. I went to the phone, watching incase someone came to my till to pay for their stuff. There was no foil so I went to inform the customer - did she thank me for checking? did she thank me for leaving my till at all??? NO!!! she said "This is the last time I come in here, thats the only thing i came in here for"!!
A few mins later she comes over to my til with a trolley load of goods - bah!!!

Later on I served a lady and when I gave her change she said "And thank you for your lovely smile" really made my shift!!

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