Monday, February 19, 2007

He's 9!!!

WHHHHAAAAAA!!! I can't believe my little boy is 9!! So he's not really little anymore but he's still MY little boy.

He is such a lovely boy, alright he has his moments but he really is fab.

I have gotten to see that I really don't know him all that well. He is a person in his own right and I really want to get to know him better.

He is such a sensitive soul and I guess he gets misunderstood alot.

I am soooo proud of him and will try and show him more. He has been through so much with me and also helps alot with the little ones, I MUST take some time for it to be just him and me more often.

I let him choose his pressies and he chose a car set (surprise surprise!! LOL) and a walkie talkie set.

His Nan (daddy's mum) came round on sat. and gave him his pressie.. an ipod shuffle!! a cute mini one. I'll help him put some music on it soon.

We went to outback for his birthday dinner and the kiddies were so well behaved. He had his fave meal - junior red pasta!! I ordered Chicken tenders and a jacke potato and gave him some chicken to put with his pasta, he told me i "Just had to taste the red sauce with the chicken" I did and it was delish, heeee.

Will post a piccie soon.


ok here's the piccies as promised :)

Here's the Birthday Boy!!

Our server and her collegues sang to him and gave him a "birthday dog"

Everyone having fun!!!

This photo's just too cute LOL

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