Thursday, February 8, 2007

Snow Day!!

No school for kali today as his school has isued a "snow day"

He looked out the window and lovd the snow. Jayz woke up and saw the snow and was so excited. " mummy can i go out with the snow, i can wear my hat and my scarf" bless him!!

Adg, borrowed our good friends car for the day as we need to take jayz to the dentist (bleurgh!!) he went to remove the snow, defrost the ice on windscreen etc and I came down to see the snow. I asked him to get me some, he looked at me like i was so weird and laffed at me, saying i'm such a kid LOLOLOL.

I jut had to go out and have a little walk, and took some photo's too. Kali came down wrapped in his blanket to see the snow.

Here's a pic of Adg in the snow:

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