Sunday, September 9, 2007


Got to see Bubble in a scan on Friday!!
Went to see if he/she was growing properly(i.e not too big) and if the position was ok... was breech at 30wks.
Growth is fine (so neeeerrrrr consulants!! just cos i'm a fatty dont mean my baby will be mega huge - my last 3 were "normal" so why cant this one be???)
And bubble is head down!! whoooo hoooo (must be why i can feel all this presure "down there")

Scanner lady was supa nice. She let Adj, jayz and kylo have a looksie. Adj had to go park the car and i had to go in, she'd finished the scan when they came and she told me to hop back on the bed and let them have a looksie. So nice of her.

SO pleased that bubble isnt breech anymore, scanner lady said babies can still turn from now till birth but hopefully bubble will stay put :o)

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