Sunday, September 9, 2007

MIL update!!

Arrrggggg!!! am soooooooo stoked!! Adj's grandma phoned with an update!! Mil got up and walked by herself, got in her chair by herelf and went to the bathroom by HERSELF!! how great is that?? How amazing is she??!!
The hosp is so pleased with her she will be going on a day visit "home" next week!!! - not to her home obviously but somewhere else(cant say where for security) to see how she gets on and if all goes well, she will be looking at a discharge date real soon!!!
I can hardly believe it, I had no expectation of her leaving hosp so soon! She had told adj that she wanted to be at work by Christmas and we were thinking he'd be in hosp still at christmas!!

Even tho I prayed for a miracle I cant quite fathom this at all!! How great is this?? God is good :O)

Monster has to apear in court this month. Police want MIL to do a video statement. Not too clued up on legal stuff so not sure if this date is just a hearing in order to see what the plea is, will find out from adj when he has a chat with liason offficer.


Pauline said...

fantastic news, I'm so pleased for you!

Anthea said...

Oh my!! That is such good news! God is sooo good!

Don't worry about the court thing... put it in God's hands and trust him for Justice to be done.

Still praying for you all!