Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Home sweet Home!!

MIL has been discharged rom hospital!! How fab is that?? More imprtantly, how fab is SHE??!!

Adj went to see her today and came back quite happy. He was soooo down last week and yesturday was a bad day for him :o(

MIL has a test later this week to check the status of the MRSA, she wants me to wait till she has the test before I go to see her. Cant wait to see her tho as it's been a few weeks.
She's getting on well and is progressing good. She has a carer to change the bandages and to help her wash etc.

The monster is still holding on to his lies!! Cant be a man even now. I just hope justice is done.

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Hysteri-CAL said...

The Lords prayer says "they will be done" ... i'm 100% sure that it will. You look after you and yours. Thinking of you all. xxx