Saturday, September 15, 2007

Happines turns to sadness.....

...... and anxiety...... and sorrow...... and fear......

just found out that MIL has MRSA, what are we gonna do know? How is this gonna affect her, and Adj and even bubble.
What is the seriousness of her infecion? Is it treatable? all these questions..... no answers yet.

Adj was so sad when he collected me from my mummy's house. I just knew something was wrong, he was just so down looking. My mummy asked him how his visit went as he'd been to see MIL on her "home" visit..... he just made a so so face and action with his hands, Mummy and I just looked at each other, I told him to get Kylo but he said me or kali would have to carry him... that in itself seemed odd to us as he always carried him to the car, esp now i'm so achy.... He told me the news when we got in the car and told me he needed to wash etc. Because of the risks, and so he didnt want to be close to Kylo.
When we got home i just stayed in the car while they went inside and just cried..... why this? why??

How do we all bounce back from this?

Today I had youth meeting and was teaching the kids a song to sing on Sunday, it's by Kirk Franklin and it has the line "He'll never put more on me than I can bear"
was practicing it all afternoon in preperation for the meeting, going through the lyrics and arangement and the harmonies...... Now it seems like it was a pre comfort that I needed for now.


Nina said...

Oh hun I am shocked. Big hug from me.

Ali said...

Peechy hun, how dreadful. Huge pink hugs to you and Adj and the littlies. Thinking and praying for you all. xxx