Thursday, June 22, 2006


Two baba's have both got the sniffles and I've been up all day and night with them!! Poor loves have runny noses and eyes and look so sorrowful.

Hoping they get better very quickly as I go back to work on Monday..... scary going back. In one way I can't wait to be going out of the house, mingling with adults and seeing a diff environment. In another way I'm gonna miss my lil baby soooo much, not only him tho the other two too. It will be nice to have my own wages again tho. The last 6 months have been really hard on us as we have been trying to get by on hubby's wage.
Praise God for providing for us, if it weren't for him, we'd be far worse I can tell ya!!

I have "Met" some Christians on UKS and am soooo happy. We are discussing faith/praise booking which I am sooo hyped about.

Anyway, I'm a little achy so will log off and go upstairs. Craft Day so will watch tv till I get tired.


Ali said...

Thinking of you at work today hun. Hope the babies are fine....

Peechy said...

thanks so much!! work is weird, i feel as tho i've been away for much longer than a year.

kiddies dont like me going but hey, bet they'll like the treats i can buy them lol.

off to have a look at your blog :)