Friday, June 16, 2006

Thank God!!!

Not been able to write for such a looonnngg time. I need to write about how wonderful God is.

The other day Myself and the kiddies were caught in a complete downpour. I'm talking storm like rain.
The little two were in their buggy, which in itself is a blessing because if they were in the one I had borrowed before this one came, they would have been soaked as it didn't have a rain cover.
Kali and I were absolutely soaked, he had no jacket and i had only a cardi type thing. I gave him my pashmina to try and save him but we were drentched. It was as tho we had jumped into a swimming pool fully clothed. I was near to tears as I looked over at him all soaked and not complaining, so I decided to pray.
I asked God if he could please stop the rain untill we got home. I reminded him about mustard seed faith. and that old testament people would pray for rain and it rained or for none and there wasn't any.
I then started to sing in my head.
we continued to struggle thru the rain, we came to the high road and i continued to trust in God. We went to a shelter and my skirt could literaly be wringed with all the water.
The thunder started but i knew that God had heard me.
The rain started to let up and we continued home.

I promised God that if he did stop the rain, i'd proclaim his glory so here it is!!

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