Thursday, June 29, 2006

Back To Work!!!

Cannot believe a whole year(+) has gone by so quickly!!

I went back to work on Monday and have to say it went much better than I had expected.

It is quite nice to be out of the house and getting some adult convo again!!

The store has changed sooo much and lots of staff, including the store manager and a few of the section managers have gone.

It feels alittle odd to be back and people keep asking me if i'm new!!

I am gonna treat myself to a bit of stash when my pay packet comes but not too much as I have loads of house bits to get.

It's funny how the till is just so easy to get back into, it's sad but I still remember lots of the codes of by heart hahahaha!!

Kali doesn't want me to go to work and wishes I could be home, jayz cries so much when I go "I come??" he asks and then wails when I say no, I ca hear him crying as I walk away - breaks my heart. Ky just watches me go sadly. When I get back he gets all excited and reaches out for me. He has a mega feed and falls asleep, bless him!!.

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