Sunday, August 5, 2007

I crafted!!!

whhhoooo i finally lifted my "ban" and made the two b'day cards!!
It was so relaxing and I felt quite soothed, just doing something that I enjoy feels so wrong but i really needed it and I'm glad I did cos the kids were much more relaxed too, they know every emotion I feel... they are so clued up its scary, I try to put on a front but they know when I'm not.

Adj wasnt able to chat to MIL cos she was coming out of sedation after her wash.
It breaks my heart to think how much pain she's in that she needs to be sedated just to have a wash, something that I ake for granted... something that I didnt even think about. They have to take off her bandages, remove the dressing, and then wash... I am now getting angry again, the one act of sheer wickedness just keeps on hurting her... even though the act is already done.

I am so peeoo'd right now but I will NOT let him win, I WILLL be strong and WE will get over all of this.

I'll post photo's of the cards tomo.


Jemm said...

So glad you made the book next.

Angry is normal....honest
Here for you.

Pauline said...

Glad you managed to do some crafting, it's a great stressbuster. It sounds horrific that your MIL has had to be sedated for something like getting washed, I'm not at all surprised you are angry. Hugs for you all.

Peechy said...

Thanks hunnies!! It's just so horrible all of this.